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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Grooms Wedding Speech

Special occasions such as weddings are memorable to both bride and groom.  It may not be as memorable to their relatives and friends, but it is an event where they all learn about the couple.  They learn how both react to one another on the first day that they have exchanged vows.  It is a commitment to one another and whatever they say, or act out, in the occasion remain imprinted in the minds of those attending the wedding.

The grooms wedding speech will be taken note by many, if not most, of those who are attending because he will be the head of the family.  The words in his speech should be delivered in a way that it would not be misinterpreted for something else.  In-laws, the bride’s parents, will be most critical of this.

The vows exchanged in the wedding will be a good reference point for the grooms wedding speech.  Words or phrases with reference to ‘for better or worse’ and ‘till death do us part’ will be significant to minds of the people in the wedding.  The speech statement should be an assurance that the bride will be in good hands.

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