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Friday, February 25, 2011

Middle East Unrest

For many years, it seemed that the Middle East was the least to have any unrest problems.  Most of those countries were anti-Israel only and nothing more.  The OPEC Middle East countries have all the money they want and can support each and every citizen!  The recent toppling of Egypts and Tunisias rulers by civil unrest is surprising.  Now it's Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi, who has ruled the nation for 41 years, that is having a problem.

News reports say that he has been using his militia with foreign mercenaries to quell the unrest.  Gadhafi is blaming Osama bin Laden for this and has denounced the September 11 bombings!  He could be right because bin Laden knows the world is still in recession and uprising in the OPEC nations could worsen it, making things more difficult!  Libya's Gadhafi was once the target of the U.S. for terrorist activities and training terrorists of other nations.  Putting the blame on bin Laden by Gadhafi is a move to get the U.S. and other nations on his side!

The problem is a cousin of Gadhafi, who is one of his closest aides, Ahmed Gadhaf al-Dam, has defected to Egypt.  He holds one of the highest position in Libya who defected so far, after several ambassadors around the world, the justice minister and the interior minister all sided with the protesters. Gadhaf al-Dam denounced the crackdown as "grave violations of human rights and international laws".

Should the uprising continue and spread in the Middle East oil prices would soar and what would happen with the OPEC nations remains a question.  A stop of production by these oil-producing nations can set back the world to further recession.

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