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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trickery & Oppression Online

The consolation of having a blog is being able to vent out frustrations without the fear of censorship.  Facts may exist but not acceptable as the real truth to a matter.  Many say or state “the fact is . . .” but that may be only true to them but not for a bigger majority.  This is what is happening right now online on the internet.

So when does oppression and trickery happen online?  That occurs when a group of people agree that whatever they do is the right thing and do not care of others.  What they do is choose examples or make documentations of people who allegedly were happy with their system or style!  The statistical point in this is no longer taken to account by many!  How many out of, say, a thousand or a million would give credit to this claim?

Normally, groups or people who want to gain fame and money will spend a fortune just to get testimonies and document them!  When people who go online are tricked into this, that’s the time they practice oppression.  They oppress online people who do not totally agree with their system like block or close accounts and blame them for ‘unethical’ or  use of unacceptable tools online!

The above is being mentioned because I have personally experienced this with a traffic surf site, a lotto site, some article writing sites and several paid-to-post (PTP) sites.  Many if not most are the top sites of their category but miserably failed in fairness and equality.  As soon as I detect the bias they have, I have departed or quit membership.  There are many more racial oppression and trickery online that I hope to write about in the future.

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