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Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Zealand denies visa to Filipino mother whose son was murdered

I really appreciated how New Zealand was promoted at Discovery Channel by no less than their Prime Minister.  But I lost the appreciation and respect to New Zealand after they denied the mother of Warren Rosillo, 18 years old, who was brutally stabbed and murdered by a 17 year-old jealous male.  She probably last saw her son at 13 years old before he left for New Zealand to join his father estranged to his biological mother.

No effort was made by the father, as far as I know, to help the 
mother to at least see her dear departed son for the last time.  New Zealand immigration denied the mother the visa because she did not have enough show money.  Are those idiots still after money and no show of compassion?  Do they mean "show money" we show compassion?  They are corrupt in a way to look for money!  What kind of animals are with the New Zealand immigration?

I firmly hope and wish that what you did to the mother also happens to you.  Your grief will be a gazillion times more than what Warren Rosillo's mother felt!  You are inflexible idiots who do not care about parents' feelings in times like that!  Your souls will burn in hell to the point that even Satan will not recognize you!

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