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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Online Lotto

NOTICE: This post is being rectified by this notice because operated by under MultipleMediaStream has failed to pay my winning. This is after almost 2 months of communicating with them. Their email communication of my winning was delayed by more than 1 week and now they they say that I did not claim it within the 1 week period. I have submitted a ticket to them giving proof that the delay was not my fault but on their end. Waiting for a week on their response, there was none. Looking up the ticket, their system says that my Ticket does not exist! I also have a proof that they received the ticket through a confirmation email coming from them. It is with much apology if the post I made here has misled some who might have signed up with them. I have submitted another ticket requesting them to clarify the matter before I file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.)

Many of the online gaming such as casinos and lottos seem to be scam to me. There are some PTC and PTR sites that also have gaming on their sites. It was there where I tried these games. I am not really a gaming or gambling person but I was curious how it will go. Anyway, the bets placed there are either points I have earned or a minimum of one cent from my earnings.
One I tried for one-cent bets is the flip coin game, Heads or Tails. If I remember right, I played it for almost one hour. It was a case of win some - lose some. Sometimes it will give you a string of wins then a succession of losses. In the end, I think I lost around ten cents. Nothing much but at least it was a ten-cent of actually experiencing online gaming. The other I tried, now for my point earnings, was the "Guess-where-the-object-is". Three cups that would cover a coin or a stone and once you place your bet in points, it will shuffle the cups then let you guess. Winnings are equivalent to what you bet. I was luckier here and ended up with 70 points more on my account. I use those points in exchange for advertisement of my web sites.
The most surprising for me was the free online lotto. It operates in almost a similar way with the PTC and PTR sites. I think when I started more than 6 months ago, I was first given around 10 opportunities to select 6 numbers out of 49. In exchange of each opportunity, I would have to view an advertisement for 30 seconds. And, for every ad that I view, I am also given a point for it. If I can accumulate 500 points I can exchange it also for advertising my web site. Playing the lotto is only once a week, so really not much trouble. The draws of the lotto is also once a week, every Thursday. For every three correct numbers entitles a player for an extra lotto ticket for the following week. In the past 2 or 3 months, I have been entitled between 20 to 35 tickets each week. I believe I have already earned more than 500 points too but haven't availed of it for advertisements. The best of all was when I received an email a couple of days ago, saying that I had 5 correct numbers making me win $100.00! If I got the 6 correct numbers that would mean $5,000.00 which will be paid in 10 months at $500.00 per month. I am glad to be in this non-scam gaming site.
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