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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Link Back Project

This is a simple procedure. You might have seen it done elsewhere on a few scarce weblogs. What is different, is that when we reach a certain point on the list, we start yet another one. Instead of one master list and its done, we will repeat the process over and over again, with new folks jumping on board. These backlinks combined with the social networking friends status will affect all areas of search engine algorithims. -=This List Will Stop At 100, then the next phase (list) will start=-

To participate is simple:

--->Copy The Post & List below into a blog post of yours.
--->Add Your Link to the list at the bottom.
--->Comment On the original post at LBP so that I can update the list with your link.
--->Make sure the list links and names are in place on your weblog post.
--->Digg, Stumble, Tag, and Reddit all of us, spread the word, get more on board.
--->Be sure to send them back to The Linkback Project for the updated list.

Make sure links and name are in place on your weblog, and then put yours on the last number, and "YOUR NEXT" below it on a new number.

Be sure to Digg, Stumble Upon, and Tag this post, so that you will be prepared with backlinks for Phase two, when we begin backlinks in Social Networking. Putting each list into the social networking system will be the second link in our "Closed Circuit" theory of search engine/link index exposure.

1. The Linkback Project
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3. Foolsville
4. Guy Vestal
5. SunEGrl Loves To Shop
6. Great Ways to Make Money Online
7. Shabam Development
8. CoffeeCoffeeCoffee~the blog
9. Kinky Personification
10. Da Kinky Kid Speaks
11. Josh Ottley Dot Com
12. Cebu Entrepreneur
13. Random Detoxification
14. PoeARTica
15. CoolAdzine for Marketers
16. Best Blog in the Universe
17. Ctrl + Alt + Delete : Personal random journal and reviews
18. the blog lab
19. Bradley Hankins
20. The Radical Blog
21. Get Rich Quick !? Really ??
22. Musikalye - Music is a two-way street
23. Planeta Turismo Activo
24. Swollen Pickles
27. Picture to People
28. Your Fun Family
29. Mob Me
30. Healthy Moola
31. Champagne Dreams
32. David Rader
33. Gossip Girls
34. Before I am Famous
35. SUPLADO Online Reviews
36. Salsa Faith
37. BigMoneyList
38. Emmsy’s Stuff
39. That Blog 4 Me
40. Hey Just Blog
41. A little bit of THIS & THAT
42. Poker Forums
43. Blogging Tips
44. Journal of Journey
46. Download Applications, Themes for Smart Phones
47. Memory This
48. Make Money Online from Earth
49. Dare to be Rare
50. Your One Stop Information Center
51. Reality of Legal World
52. Nita's Random Thoughts
53. Nita's Corner
54. Great Finds and Deals
55. Thomas Travel Tales
56. Filipino Online Community
57. Batuananons
58. My Wandering Thoughts
59. Erlinda's Wandering Thoughts
60 Thomas Web Links
61. Aeropama Dot Com
62. Nita's Ramblings
63. Junior IM Dot Com
64. Internet Marketing Expose
65. Hasbullah Pit
66. Tangan Yang Menghayun Buaian
67. Jejak Sahabat SMSP
68. Blog Sempoi
69. More Cowbell!
70. Blog Anak Raja
71. Malaysian Digest
72. Encik Beliau : Interesting Tips
73. Ariyako `news of software, hardware, technology, tips and tricks”
74. Techno Zone
75. Hidup Biar Sedap
76. Inside Of Nasz
77. Blog Farahaznil
78. Mezain
79. Simply ONE Saffawati
80. Suara Dari Keyboard Daddy
81. 24 Patrol
82. ketuk_angel
83. Koogita
84. Artikel Komputer & Internet
85. Sagittarius Wifey
86. Aeirin's Collections
87. MerapuLand
88. Ima Blogger
89. Morphed
90. The Techsta Blog
91. Mother’s Got a Dot Com
92. Mutiara Hati
93. The Unemployed Dad
94. Entertainment Daily
95. Life From A Cat's Perspective
96. Comedy Plus
97. Daytona Beach Real Estate
98. laketrees


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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Entitled to My Own Interpretation

Entitled to My Own Interpretation
This is maybe a playful imagination of my mind. But, the possibilities of it to have happened is there! We could not even discount the possibility of extra-terrestrial involvement in this! The article is not anti-religion and is only a speculation on how it might or could have been in the ancient past. In ancient times, they were not aware of drug influencing plants or food that could alter and affect human thinking or rationalization. Please read only more of this if you keep an open mind about the topic.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Trivia: Moon is Moving Away

Who ever imagined that the Moon is moving away from Earth? I never thought so until I watched the TV documentary on The History Channel! The Moon is moving away from Earth at the rate of 1 to 2 inches every year! Earths' "gravity" is losing grip of the Moon and would eventually stray off its' orbit and wander in space.
Scientists in the documentary attribute this to the speed of Earth rotating 360 degrees on its axis in only 24 hours while the Moon is a lot slower taking it a month to circle the earth. The speed of Earth is sort "throwing off" the moon from its orbit. It was also mentioned that the earths' oceans have a big role on this.
The scientists, however, gave their assurance not to worry. If I got it right, it will only happen after 50 Billion years. The sun will will even fizzle off earlier and that will be after 10 Billion years.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Admin & Support Misgivings

Admin & Support Misgivings
Disgusting admin and customer support! Some even don't know their own product, policy or guidelines. Some even hide their mistakes or errors from management. If they can't solve your issue, they will stop responding to your inquiries just to save their ass. They will wait until you get tired of communicating with them and just forget about it! Sure I got tired and tried to forget about it. Now I wrote and posted about it! The internet is mightier than inefficient websites, admin and support staff!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blog Impact

Blog Impact
Read about blog impact on the internet and websites. What it was able to do for me. You won't believe this but keywords, tags, traffic and Adsense had nothing to do with it in getting a Pagerank 2 for a supposedly social site. I am hopeful that what I am doing with this blogspot now will give the same results. Please click on the title to read more on the article at my HubPages.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Toyota and/or Honda vehicles are comparable to a Nissan Versa, and what are some pros and cons of each vehicle?

This is an entry at my HubPages in response to a hub request. The opinion and remarks here are purely based on my personal experience and those of relatives and friends.

Have you ever had a NDE near death experience ?

Have you ever had a NDE near death experience ?
This article was in response to a request at HubPages. Some might say the experience I had was not an NDE. Is it because I did not see bright lights, angels, go into a vortex or no feeling of separation from the body? To read more and find out why I did not experience what others might have experienced as NDE, please click on the title above for the full text.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

People Who Read Online

People Who Read Online
I have classified here the types of people who write and read online. Some just fail to understand what they read and make a nasty comment. They do not know that it is quite easy to trace them now. You could report them as offensive once their location has been pinpointed, especially if they are grossly offensive and insinuating insults online. This is a short article but those interested to read more, find out the location of those who made negative or insinuating an insult.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Real Causes of Flooding

Real Causes of Flooding
Many of us has experienced flooding from heavy rainfall in one way or another. My article on this was a result of experience, keen observation, analysis and testing. What they teach and preach lack the correct details on what causes flooding. They blame it on deforestation and trash but the details are misleading. The article details the facts of flooding in cities. There is a simple way to test my contention in the article. It is very easy to do and not costly. Read the article on my post at HubPages to know the reality.

In most times, I try my best to avoid writing articles such as this. What I wrote here are simple observation and analysis. There might be some words that are not commonly used but still they are understandable. It is not even a phenomena what I am trying to impart here. It was a simple case of delaying the flow of water to give enough time for it to properly drain off, to prevent flooding. It is not even a case of engineering where you will need complicated formulas to solve it. Why? Because rainfall volume and length of downpour are not always the same.
The point in this post can more easily be illustrated with filling a pail from a faucet that has a small leak. If you open a faucet just dripping it will take time to fill the pail if ever it will be. Open the the faucet in full and it will fill up the pail in a short time and cause it to over flow.
There are people who read to be entertained and others to understand. Rarely both, I think. I know most of my posts here are more for entertaining rather than something like this that needs understanding. That is also the reason why I post lengthier articles at my HubPages.


Beer drinking has been a part of me ever since I stepped into college decades back. That would be a little over 3 decades. Thirty years? More, to be exact 38 years ago. It's only now I realize it's almost 4 decades, hahaha. . . , well, well, what do you know? Never really thought much about it anyway.
I was going over some sites where I post articles when I came across a title "
Beer: How to get the most flavor from beer". Curiosity took me to read it. All the while, I thought it was how to brew beer at home. It says on the article that it is not completely true the you get the best flavor from beer by drinking it straight out from the bottle! That was what I was made to believe by some elders before! Maybe, it could be true for the number one beer in our country the Philippines, San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen. The truth is, I really get to taste the flavor more drinking from dark brown beer bottle, cold but not almost freezing cold.
It was really interesting to read the article because the author is a beer connoisseur and has a web site dedicated to beer. He mentioned the different kinds of beers and the glasses to be used. It is unfortunate for us in our country not to have those brands or types of beer he mentioned. There might be some in specialty stores but they would definitely cost an arm and a limb. Quite sure, there are a lot of beer drinkers surfing the net and it would be nice to blog about that web site.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How I got interested in Computers

How I got interested in Computers
Before the Pentium series, I never really liked computers. They were just like electric typewriters to me then that had TV screens that could save one's work. To read more please click on the title above. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reduce Fat & Tummy

Reduce Fat & Tummy
How I made my stomach adjust to its food storage capacity and reduce my intake of rice to stay slim. Even a gym instructor in a U.S. Recreation Base was not able to help me. In case you are having the same problem as I did in the past, it might help you to read my article on this at my HubPages. Just click on the title above to read more of it. Thanks!

Insignificant Items

Insignificant Items
At the start, you might find me funny or weird. But after reading the article you'll know why I keep items that others confine to trash or junk. This is not a long article but if you're interested to read more, please click on the title above. Thanks!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Gas Flares at oil refineries waste an enormous amount of energy. Why can't this gas be used more productively?

Gas Flares at oil refineries waste an enormous amount of energy. Why can't this gas be used more productively?
This was a Hub request that I responded to at HubPages. Please click on the title above to read my answer. Actually, what I know is there should be no gas flares being done at oil refineries. It is only being done after a new oil well has been drilled. But after the person who requested the answer and gave me a link, there are really gas flares made in refineries! It costs billions of dollars and it is just going up in smoke polluting the globe. The link site explained that refineries has to do that to relieve pressure to avoid the danger of explosion.

D-I-Y Car Body Repairs

D-I-Y Car Body Repairs
This one is for those who would want to do their own minor car body repairs to save money. It is actually simple and easy as long as you have the time and patience to carefully follow the procedure. Your first time to do it might cost a little more than ordinary. It happened to me and I treated it as my "tuition fee" in learning the trade and an investment when I operated an auto repair shop in the 1980s. Please click on the title above to get to my article at HubPages, as this is a one-and-half page instruction. Thanks!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Earthquake Memories

Earthquake Memories
This is about the July 16, 1990 Earthquake that hit our city with an intensity of 7.6 on the Richter Scale. Some say it was more, some say it was less. Some say it lasted only about 45 seconds but for me a minute would be closer. Less than that, I would not recall much of the events. The longer an experience is the more is stored in the human brain. Anyway, this is my personal account and involved many others surrounding us at that frame of time. The article is quite long and this just an excerpt of my narration. Please click on the title above to read more on my HubPages. Thanks!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Car Paint & Repainting

Car Paint and Repainting
Did you ever wonder why your car's paint on the roof and deck lids are always the first to suffer damage? The damage starts as very small cracks that become larger as time passes by. This means the paint starts to get brittle, losing its flexibility and elasticity. The painted parts of a car are not equally exposed to elements that cause paint wear, damage or deterioration. So for those of you who have cars, whether your paint is still new or want to have it repainted, please click on the title above where my full-length article is posted. The article will help prolong the life of your car's body paint.
FYI, I operated an auto repair shop specializing in repainting and body repairs in the '80s. I also do those jobs then but not so actively now.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Problem with People

The problem with people is about wanting to live longer and control population. So what happened? They were quite successful to make life longer. However, they got worried when population explosion came. People around the world were reproducing faster than people were dying. Those alive want to live longer but did not want the world to be over populated. As they were living longer and could not be killed, except to wait for their time, they opted to control birthrate. Medicine has advanced that people are surviving from illness thus retaining a good percentage of the population. Those who could not afford to get proper treatment or protection are, unfortunately, the first ones to go.

If the trend will go on with science and technology able to make people live longer, the world might have a population with much older people. When that happens new births will be prevented more to make way for the old. Older people need attention and care. Will it happen in the future that the young just tend to the older people because there are more of them? If the younger people will have to attend to them, what will happen to production and commerce? The world is being made a safer place, that means there could be lesser deaths in the future. People could live as old as 100 years or more. So they are living longer, but will that be good for society? Young people contribute to society. With their youth comes good mental and physical health. That is what aged people will lose. This reminds me of my father saying about work when he got old, "the mind is willing but the body can not".

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How many hours do you sleep?

This post was actually triggered when I realized how old I was getting. I tried to imagine what I did in the past 54 years I have been on earth. From 0 to probably 10 or 12, most of what I did was play, go to school starting at age 5, eat and sleep. From 13 to 20, engaged in many sports, learn to drive and drive starting at age 16, eat and sleep. Then age 20 and onwards, still play some sports, work, drink, smoke, go on dates, sex, get married at age 28, have four children, eat and sleep. That's what I've been doing for twenty four (24) hours a day for the past years.

Then I remembered a TV ad about beds. The commercial said, while the bed was on screen, "this is where you spend one-third (1/3) of your life"! Now, is that not true? A good sleep usually is for eight (8) hours, especially for children and the young. More than that for babies and toddlers. Maybe an average of six (6) hours when we get older. So overall, I might have really slept an average of 8 hours a day! Here comes the amazing part. I will be 54 years old next month. Divide 54 by 3 we come up with 18. That's one-third of my life, 18 years! It's hard to believe that I have been sleeping for an aggregate total of 18 years!

Quite sure of this, you'll be calculating how many years you have slept after reading this. Now don't be regretful that you have slept for so many years. Also, don't try cutting down down on sleep. We need those sleeping hours to be able to stay awake and do what we need to do. As a consolation, I may be old in age but honestly I still feel young. That's what sleeping for 18 years could have done for me.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Success Motivation

Success Motivation
Motivation speakers in 1980s did not have much ground to gain because it is not even possible to have one financially wealthy person for every 10. A financially wealthy person will need the services of so many people even he does not run a corporation. Bank employees, carpenter, mason, electrician, painter, garbage collector, street cleaners, clothes sewers, livestock tenders, farmers, postman, fireman, policeman, etcetera.
My experience being an associate of a motivational speaker and how I came to realize all these can be read on my lengthier article at HubPages. Please click on the title above should you want to read about it. Thanks!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Cruelty to Animals

For quite some time, I have been asking why there are so many organizations that are against cruelty to animals. This is one “blog” I posted in one of the social networks I am with, and there were three who commented agreeing to my thoughts. The focus of these organizations is cruelty or abuse made by man on pets or wild animals. What about the cruelty of man who have domesticated animals, breed them, keep them confined then mass slaughter them for commercial purposes? Is that not more cruel?

Let’s take animals in the wild that would be hunted for food. They have a better chance of survival than those domesticated animals, propagated, then mass slaughtered for gain and profit. If these organizations against cruelty to animals are true to themselves, then they should consider this! Of course, there are people who are sadistic and find satisfaction in hurting or slaying animals, they should be the focus of these organizations.

By the way, a friend messaged me on the blog post I mentioned had this to say, and I quote, “So, what do you want to happen? Free all those domesticated animals that are being used for food?” Simply, I replied to him that he was not looking at the right direction. I asked him, would it not be better if these organizations against cruelty to animals refined their views? We have to accept that domesticated animals for human consumption have to be treated that way. There’s no better alternative with the present situation in this world. The organizations are also very critical of those who pit animals against each other in battle. 

I have been into cockfighting for a couple of years in the past and I have observed that these roosters will have easily dominated breeding in the wild. If they are left free ranged, they will do nothing but fight to their last breath! They are not being trained to fight. That is their nature, to fight! Maybe I would still be into cockfighting had it not been for the gambling side of it and unnecessary use of blades. The sport could be made into something like boxing. The use of gloves that could mark on the bodies of the protagonists will count as scores! Pitting of these roosters for one round could last, utmost, for three minutes. No real harm done as their fight can be controlled and not to the extent of their desire to maim, injure or slay their opponent. These breeds hardly “chicken-out” of a fight.

Well, before I go off topic, it is still my firm belief that organizations against cruelty to animals should define their parameters better. There were people who were sued or imprisoned without the real intention of being cruel or abusing an animal. There were many episodes in the TV Channel, Animal Planet where the people were not intentionally being cruel to or abused animals. There were those who simply did not have the means to provide sufficient care.