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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Site Reviewers

It is sad to find out that even on the internet there are racists bloggers or biased people who make reviews and could not shut their minds and fingers. This blog has been reviewed around 140 times. There were those who found some defects on my articles but they gave good advise and constructive criticism, and I appreciate them very much.
The other day, one review made on this blog surprised me. This was her review:

"Personal blog with no apparent focus. I would suggest narrowing the range of what is posted in order to engage the reader's attention. It's hard to make sense of some of the writing, perhaps because the blogger may not think primarily in English."

This is not a personal blog so what focus is she talking about? It is clearly stated on the traffic/review site, it is a blog with a variety of topics. Outright, the suggestion of narrowing the range of what is being posted was way out of line. Then makes a discriminatory comment about the blogger not thinking primarily in English, making it the reason why she could hardly make sense on some of the articles. That is the problem with some people who make reviews, comments or responses. They read but fail to understand. That is also one reason why I got out of because there were several responses made on my posts that were really way off and some even insulting.

Here's one review that's constructive:

"The site makes a GREAT effort - but falls a little short in the "interesting" category. Here are some tips: 1)Your sidebars are boring - look for ways to highlight the Category Names so they stand out. 2)Too much text, not enough graphics - it doesn't matter where you get them - just include more images. This is 2008 - people expect variety. It's the spice of life. 3)When you write you intro paragraphs and then ask people to 'click here' to read the rest of the story - you need to tell the best part of the story and then say "click here to see the rest". The way you have it as a summary is, again, too dull. Good website - you just need some SPICE. Search other blogs for things that look interesting to you and include them in your blog. Good Luck.."

Here's an appreciative one:

"Good universal information from the Philippines. The well-written blogs are very relevant to the site's title and I felt I gained a little more knowledge reading your site. Keep up the good work.."

You could get to the websites of the well-meaning reviewers by clicking on the links. Thanks.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pay Processors

Pay processors like PayPal, AlertPay, SafePay Solutions, MoneyBookers etcetera never gave me problems logging in to my accounts there. It is only with e-gold that I am having problems logging in to or accessing my account on most occasions! Whenever I would be able to log in, it would only be so if their system sends a PIN to my email address. It was very rare that I would be able to access my account directly on their portal.
About a year ago, I was totally denied access to my account. They informed me that my IP address was invalid! The question is, how could it be invalid when it was the same IP address I have been using since opening an account with them? They did not allow me to access my account until I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.). In a short time, I was able to access my account again with the same IP address.

This time they are at it again! Their response was in less than 24 hours and asked me to check on two sites my IP address and the blocking issue on it. The IP address they were claiming to be blocked is different from what showed. With, it says that the IP address is not on their blocked list!

Increase in Prices

Increase in Prices
Complaining about price increases? Then, stop demanding for salary increases! The company you work for will need to increase prices to cover salary increases and benefits given to their employees. It comes to a point that salary increases can not be made proportional to price increase of commodities or services. Overall simple lifestyle for everybody can prevent price increases. It might be difficult to adapt to a much simpler lifestyle at first, but the results could benefit many after. Improvement, leisure and development are the culprits involved in price increases! The point redounds back to us, we want more - we ask for increase. The promotions and advertising of commodities or services creates demand. Price will increase when demand is high and supply is low, or, they make artificial shortage for bigger profits. Read more on this . . . please CLICK on the title. Thank you!

Sudoku Puzzles
by SudokuPuzz

Sunday, August 24, 2008

HubPages at Linkreferral

HubPages at Linkreferral

Linkreferral is a site where I get good quality traffic and hits for three of my sites. Out of curiosity, I searched to visit sites with the keyword "hubpages". There were a total of 30 HubPage URLs registered at linkreferral including mine. Most were profiles or a hub. It's only my hubpage there that is a referral or sign up URL link. Some though are no longer published. In visiting those hubpages, I practically read every one of them, commented on a couple and rated almost all. It was almost as convenient to be reading at linkreferral as it is at hubpages. The benefit for those hubs I visited there is getting hits and increased views.
What I do with my URL there is substitute the hub title for my articles that do not get much viewing here or from other links. With the exposure at linkreferral, the hubscores show increase in visits by almost two arrows, combined with the other links! I have not noted yet if it contributes to my earnings at Adsense.
Linkreferral is a site that provides good traffic to websites. I have been with them for almost 2 years now and has helped one of my sites to get pagerank 2. Well, now it does not have that rank anymore because I believe Google did some changes on pageranking. It is free to sign up and join that traffic site. In exchange for the reviews and traffic your website gets, you only need to visit 30 sites for at least 6 seconds per site. You can also make reviews on other sites but this will be for only 5 websites every 24 hours. You are not bound to make visits and reviews everyday. It is at your option should you want to have your website to always at the top 10 rankings under its category.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Replacing Spark Plugs

Replacing Spark Plugs
Spark plug check up should always be the last in tune ups or troubleshooting gasoline engines. Many might not be aware of this and some might even be starting check up or troubleshooting with them. Know more on what should be taken note of when diagnosing engine problems with spark plugs. They could cause excessive fuel consumption with undetected misfiring. To read more on this please click on the title for the complete article at HubPages.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tips on Share Market investment.

Tips on Share Market investment
People, like myself, have tried to get into the stock market to see if there is anything there that could give better income or profits. The article was written in response to a request at HubPages. The entry is for information on what I learned and how I got about trading shares of stock. This is in no way to encourage to invest or trade in the stock market. Stock market trading is, as I would term it, a more professional way of gambling. Please click HERE or on the title to read more.

Songs Relating to My Tough Times

Songs Relating to My Tough Times
Some songs are quite sentimental to difficult times but there are also those songs and music where I find some humor even if it reminds of tough times. To Read More, please click on the title.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reckless driving: Who taught these people how to drive?

Reckless driving is not taught but an offshoot of how one operates a vehicle because of mental attitude or temperament. Those drivers would have not passed licensing tests and exams if they really drove that way.

In the more than 35 years personal experience of driving in all sorts of roads, traffic and terrain, I could have already encountered all types of drivers. We live in an Asian country that has been criticized for its drivers and traffic situation. We were once in the top 10 worst countries of drivers in a Reader's Digest issue. I believe that no one was taught to drive was told to be reckless. They have to pass driving tests and examinations, so how would they pass them if they were taught to drive recklessly? Reckless and careless drivers come out of their attitude and mentality. Also those short in temper come out to be reckless. It is only in our country where I know where there were some drivers who shoot fatally other drivers just because of parking or traffic issues.

In the remote mountainous areas where I used to drive at least once a month, when I was in my late twenties, drivers of all types of vehicles are very courteous. Many of the roads there could not accommodate two small cars side by side. So when a vehicle is going uphill, the driver going downhill looks for a wide space on the road and pauses there alongside the cliff until the vehicle going up passes him. That gives driving convenience on those kind of roads.  The city we live in is a "mixing bowl" of different people from different provinces and their influx has increased the number of discourteous and reckless drivers. Still, I would not concur that they were taught to drive that way. The demands of time and traffic have caused a good number of drivers to drive that way.

Please click HERE or on the title to read more . . .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

There it Goes Again!

It is very disappointing when you have to check your emails daily only to find out that you can't log in again! This is happening as of this writing. It's a wonder why I could log in here at blogspot and adsense while the system would not at gmail. They're all Google! I wonder if they let this happen to their search engine.
P.S. You can find my first post about these 5 articles below. You could click on the title there or HERE should you want to read more about it. I have updated that article and mentioned what happened to my monitor and CPU when I was able to access my email.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nostradamus & Other Prophets

Nostradamus and Other Prophets
This is about prophecies and predictions. But there is a question as to why most, if not all, foretell about misfortune or unfortunate events. It looks like negative thinking sees better than positive thinking for the future or of years to come! Prophets seem to be more of "Doom Seers". They hardly say anything good that will come in the future. For more reading on the article please click on the title.

Monday, August 4, 2008

How does one do EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, HOW TO, not send me to a book to buy.

How does one do EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, HOW TO, not send me to a book to buy.
Another of my responses to a request on HubPages. This is something for real and can not be just ignored. Emotional freedom is difficult to achieve if personal biases and partiality exist that were influenced during childhood, growing-up and work experiences. This could even be related to the emotion of fear on which I also have an article about it.

I am fairly new at driving a manual transmission. What are some tips for getting the best fuel efficiency out of...

I am fairly new at driving a manual transmission. What are some tips for getting the best fuel efficiency out of...
In response to this request at HubPages, here are some tips and personal views on driving manual transmission cars to save on fuel or maximize fuel economy. It doesn't really take much, and practicing on it does not have to be on the car itself as I have experienced. Read on the last portion how I did it when I was still learning to drive. Please click on the title to read more.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What are proven ways to make extra money online?

What are proven ways to make extra money online?
There are ways to earn good online but many of them are only through invitation and hardly find them advertised on the internet.
One that I have been for over a year now pays for blog advertisements and they were consistent until they were probably also affected by the economy in the past 3 months. On average, I have earned close to a hundred dollars a month, prior to that. Another site I am with has also been consistent since I activated my account there last December 2007. I only need to concentrate on that site 4 or 5 times a month and the average income I get is around thirty-five dollars a month. These sites do not require referrals or downline. Getting into them is only by invitation of a member. No referral URLs.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Gmail Problems

Gmail Problems
After just a few years Gmail has become Goofmail. Probably Goofgle will will be an appropriate change of name. The problem of putting all my "email eggs in one basket" has paid its toll. It is with much regret that blogspot is a Google account which might just cut this blog one of these days like it did on accessing my gmail accounts.
No, not any of my accounts is involved in spam mail.
The pop-up "application/octet-stream" comes up whenever I try to access goofmail, oh sorry, gmail. could not be read or recognized by Windows. Please read the entirety of my article at HubPages, just click on the title above. Thank you.
After posting this and looking for further remedies to access my emails at gmail, suddenly I was able to access gmail and get into my emails. I don't even know if the google web accelerator that I downloaded helped. If ever it was the issue gmail should have informed all their users of gmail.