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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Of all social sites, I believe FaceBook is now one of the most visited, if not the most popular. If I'm not mistaken, a few years back MySpace was the most popular and FaceBook was not even close. I think Friendster was even more popular!

When I joined Facebook, maybe that was about 3 or 4 years ago, there were only two from our large family who were signed up. As I was promoting several sites I was working on then, I invited close to a hundred to sign up. No one signed up - I'm quite sure of that. Back then, the applications were not as interesting. That could have been the reason. Poke was one but did not get many interested. Same with Friends for Sale. The only reason I was visiting FaceBook at least once a week or less was because of articles I was posting at Helium. I was getting good traffic from FaceBook as my Helium articles were automatically linked there.

During that time, family and friends were more on Multiply did not have applications like FaceBook but it was a convenient social site getting updated with one another. However, just this 2009, many of family and friends are already signe
d-up with FaceBook because of interaction on several applications. The chat helps a lot in communicating with friends and family. It is also there where I was able communicate again with schoolmates from way back grade school and high school! Friend suggestions contributed largely on finding friends and even relatives that were unknown to me. FaceBook became more popular when it was featured on Discovery Channel as one of the big successes on the internet along with Google.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Plagiarized Again!

Not long ago I posted about one article that I own at Helium that was plagiarized. Helium recently requested that writers from non-primary English speaking countries stop from being members. That was in July 2009. It was, and is still, difficult to move more than 70 articles to another paying site. Maybe someone from Helium knew about it and spread the word. Around 20 of my articles were top ranking and earning. That would have triggered plagiarists to look for those top rated articles and publish them as their own because it would be taken out of Helium!

The plagiarizer is Cecil Savage and posted it at and says published in Car How To's, Safety under her Csavage pen name and indicated a date the same as my posted date of June 27 (no year)! My original post at Helium is June 27, 2008! She could not claim it to be hers because I have promoted it at, where the original date posted shows and also promoted my article at, unfortunately the date does not show. My pen name is the same and shows rbnstr08.

In my disgust, I searched for information about the website 'jupiterchevrolet' and found her information. As of this date, I have sent her already 2 emails requesting her to un-publish it. Still no response or action. I hope that someone who comes across this blog can advise me on how to report this plagiarism.

Please note that article would not show any longer when clicked because Helium has removed it from publication on their web site.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson

"I'll be There" is one of my favorites coming from the Jacks0n 5 sung by Michael Jackson. It was really amazing for me to know that he was just an 8-year old kid singing for a band! All the while, before learning about Michael, I thought it was a female singing for the Jackson 5. I am not aware of anyone as young as he is to have sang, or is singing for a band, that has reached the same fame and gathered that much fortune.
He was a great singer and performer because most young boys would have a "voice-change" after puberty. For me, his voice did not change that much. His brand of songs would easily be recognized as his. It is unique in many ways. If I remember right, he organized the charity for "We are The World". That song is global and very touching.
Michael Jackson will be missed very much in the entertainment world even he was blamed or charged of some misdeeds.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Blogs are fine and there are many that focus on a topic. However, I found it better to be reading and screening Intel at Qassia, where I also write some articles. With the number of "Intels" to be screened, it is at your option to screen only what interests you. Two good things about this is you don't have to search and another is you come across an article or topic that you might have unknowingly wanted to learn about!

Well, of course, this is aside from what I could earn from that site. It is a better option for me to earn and learn. Some articles are quite lengthy but most are short. On the average, they could be about 3 to 4 paragraphs for a good read. It's hard to appreciate and learn from those that are too short because it lacks information that you might want.

In case you want to directly get to the site click on any of the links above.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Online Games

The internet has done a lot with online games. It used to be games can be played only by one against the software or computer. Counter Strike became popular because players from different parts of the globe could interact in games, have a team or band together. There were a lot of kids, of course mostly boys, got "addicted" to it. Some were even skipping classes just to play the game online. Then Ragnarok online also became popular but I believe it was only in some countries.

Now, the GTA or Grand Theft Auto is one that really amazed me because two my sons play it online! They log in to the GTA Xtreme Role-Play (XRP). It's like being in a movie and doing things with buddies online. The graphics and controls of the game are just amazing! Add to that a more amazing capability that team mates could talk to each other online! They communicate to each other what they are doing, planning to do, warn a buddy and just about anything virtually!

I could not recall where I read about the benefits of playing online or computer war games and it says it develops some abilities of children. The benefit I saw in my sons are developing their conversational English and accent.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Earnings Online

Earnings Online
This is a short narration on how I am making some money online without really much effort. I am only able to give time to this only during weekends. In these difficult times, it is gratifying to earn something that could pay off some home bills. If it's helping me, it might also help others to cope up with this difficult times. Please click on the title to read more of it on my HubPages.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Frustrations and Persistence

Frustrations and Persistence
Wrong persistence often results to frustrations. Yes, go ahead, don't read or follow instructions! Insist on how you want it done! Have it the way you want it! Be unreasonable! But then, who will be the loser in the end? There are many frustrations in life and they come whether we like it or not. Why? Because there are many things that are beyond our direct control. There are just things or events that come, sometimes without us even not knowing about it. Would we call that fate?
To read more on the article please click on the title . . . Thanks!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Convenience = Laziness

Convenience = Laziness
Convenience is the "easy-way-out". It is more convenient to use TV remote control than going over to the "idiot box" to change channel, change color options, do volume control, contrast, etcetera. Now, what would that equate to? I have been in wait for so many years to see some remote control on changing a flat tire. Though there are chemicals now injected in a tire to prevent it from running flat, it still is not that convenient when the puncture is larger than 1/4th of an inch.
To read the article, please click on the title to get to my hubpages. Thanks!

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