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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diet is Self-discipline - I've Done it!

The problem of eating too much too often is a common cause of obesity.  Personally, to resolve this on my end (though I was not obese or overweight) - I wanted to reduce the capacity of my stomach to be full with a small meal.  Diet is self discipline and I've done it,  ever since I started to work at home online for almost a year now. I would be moving around and exercising less and this meant I could afford to eat less because I need less energy.  Word of precaution to those with history of ulcer, or frequently experiencing gastritis, take soda crackers so as not aggravate or trigger the condition.

It was just a matter of practicing it by indulging myself more working at home online.  At first it was difficult because I was at home and had easy access to food and drinks anytime.  It became successful when I disciplined myself to take food 30 minutes or more after the supposed mealtime.  Some people could even have some loss of appetite this way.  I had a one-liter water bottle at my side always and helped me feel full.  Without realizing it, two months passed and I was already eating a lot less than my regular full meal.  In between, say after every two or more hours, I'll have some peanuts or soda crackers, or both.  Peanuts, as I experienced, take longer to digest and staves-off hunger.  Just chewing them enough for me to swallow.

On the third month I had difficulty finishing off a regular burger with french fries and soda.  It has been that way since then and there were even times, like in the past 10 days, that I hardly had the appetite to have a full meal.  This Christmas season made me realize that my stomach could no longer take heavy meals.  I had to wait for two (2) hours before eating a little again!  Self-discipline diet works even if you don't put your mind to it.  It is just a matter of delaying and delaying your craving for food until your stomach gets used to it.

Currently, I no longer have the one-liter bottle of water beside me to sate my thirst or hunger.  I now have time to make a cup of coffee, tea or juice because my stomach can take it.  Diet is self-discipline that can work wonders for those who want to lose weight.  Make it a career to go for the reduced weight that you want!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Horoscope or zodiac sign - Does it affect you?

When we don’t feel good or when things are not working out right, some of us have the tendency to look up what our daily horoscope says.  Personally, most of the time the horoscope matches what is actually happening to me on that day.  I don’t just rely on the horoscope but I also check on my bio-rhythm.  It tells more on your physical, emotional and mental conditions.  Bio-rhythm is more related to human nature than astrology. At times that I don’t feel well but not really sick, the physical aspect of my bio-rhythm shows it.  Often it is below the normal level of physical condition.  Horoscopes hardly tell on the health or physical condition. It deals mostly on what could happen and what the stars say.

The Chinese horoscope is similar to the regular zodiac horoscope.  It is difficult to understand why they would be different from each other but if you read the horoscope for your regular and Chinese zodiac sign, they practically say the same thing! Under your Chinese zodiac sign, it only comes every twelve years.  For each sign there are four elements fire, water, wood and metal.  If we will consider for the element to come up with your Chinese zodiac sign then that means it will come only after forty-eight (48) years!  So for those who do not live until 48 years old, they’ll never know what their zodiac sign and element brings to them.  Maybe it will be reasonable to believe more on the regular zodiac horoscope as it comes on a monthly basis every year!  People will be able to know on a yearly basis what astrologers would see in their signs.  Unlike with the Chinese zodiac, you will have to wait every 12 years to find out what your sign has for you on that or those years.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twitter & FaceBook - Glitches or something else?

First, it was Twitter that went bonkers.  It made all tweet posts of someone I was following become my posts!  It would have been alright with me but the guy has so many articles posted and had some controversial items.  Because of that, someone who felt slighted made a comment that they are a peaceful religion - and that was addressed to me!

Second, the FaceBook system three days ago, informed me that I had no permission to do a comment!  I was not blocked by my friend or anything, and his setting allowed for comments.  It took us a couple of message exchanges to learn from him that he replaced the status I was to comment on.  The old system of Facebook would say the post no longer exists instead of "no permission".

Third, I was typing on my profile my Facebook status but the system was allowing only one line!  To my surprise when I started to type the same status at the "Homepage", it allowed me to post what I wanted.  At this point, I am not sure if people running Facebook are doing their job.  For three days I have set my privacy settings to "Only me", in my disgust.  I would not have come back to FB had not been for the traffic exposure my works get from it.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips on sudden changes of a good wife

Men are frequently blamed for things they do "outside" their marital relations.  The tips with sudden changes of a good wife from normal or regular relations can mean many things.  Actually they, the wives, contribute or actually are the real cause why husbands look for 'someone' else.  A high percentage of women, not only separated wives, engage in 'cheap talk'.  They think they are psychiatrists or psychologists and are quite quick in concluding a wrong of whatever they see - worst is what they hear about!  There are many things to consider and think deeply about before making conclusions.  A high percentage of married women do not have analytical minds and simply base things on what their emotions say or what their classmates, friends and associates agree on.

Tips on the sudden changes of a good wife that will be mentioned here is a close observation on how they act before and now.  It is normal for them to make themselves beautiful in special occasions.  Of course, we have to discount celebrities and the rich and famous women here. They might need to be so on a daily basis.  But, what about those living a regular life?  It will seem strange that a wife will be 'dressed-to-kill' that frequently or maybe even, say, every week!  If and when that happens, and, husbands notice a 'change' in acts or regular relation matters, then there is something wrong that the wife is doing or engaging in!

Husband and wife are aware of their normal or regular activity when in bed.  This alone will give hints with the sudden changes of a good wife.  Some women know how to camouflage when it comes to 'bedtime activities'.  But there are also those so dumb and stupid that they just act what they feel, or, follow what their classmates, friends and associates tell them!  Women with failed relationships but successful in their careers are often the 'snake in the garden of Eden'.  Their poor classmates, friends and associates look up to them for their success but disregard their failure to be a good wife.  No wonder the creator really wanted males to be stronger than females - and I would say that would be both mentally and physically.

Note:  Here's hoping that I could add the other tips on my next blogs.  It almost a novel!  Keep posted here or my other blogs or websites.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Playing Casino Online

For many of us who devote much time online, there are websites that get our attention.  The reason could be that it is one of our interests, an odd item or maybe simply for entertainment and amusement.  When it comes to playing games, adults often try to find those they feel that are appropriate for them.  Playing for money on online casino games offers much entertainment to those who like gambling.  Games like poker, slot machine and blackjack give instant gratification especially when you feel luck is on your side.

Playing casino online relieves stress and anxiety from the daily routine of people.  There is some change in the pace of people’s lives when the opportunity for relaxation is there.  A good number of websites have several casino online games that are played by members they are comfortable or feel lucky with.  The games take their minds off what troubles them when playing.  Computer requirements though should be on the high end, like connection speed, video card and memory capability.  One could not completely enjoy playing games online with slow computers.

The casino games online provides good amusement and offers good control for players on their wagers.  For those who enjoy playing online casino, a good website I came across shows the top websites to choose from.  Tips are provided on how to choose the right website to play on.  There are sufficient guidelines on how to register with the operators.  We should accept the fact that online casinos operate for profit.  One thing nice about them is that there is fairness in the games and reputable ones have good win to loss ratios.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sebastian Vettel - F1 New Champion

The Formula 1 GP (F1) 2010 season could be considered to be the most competitive.  Why?  Until the last few races it was a toss up among Mark Webber (224 points), Fernando Alonzo (221 points), Sebastian Vettel (206 points) and Lewis Hamilton (203 points),  in that order before the race at Inter Lagos, Brazil.  The points scoring system starting for the top ten:  25; 18; 15; 12; 10; 8; 6; 4; 2; and 1.  Mathematically, everyone of them had the chance to become World Champion especially if others in the race would not score.

It was difficult to imagine Sebastian Vettel F1 2010 champion, winning the driver's F1 championship because of his misfortunes at the start of the season, including his short tiff with Webber.  (This could be more with Vettel's alleged disobedience on team orders in Brazil).  On another hand, it seemed that Fernando Alonzo (F1 champion) was inching his way up after his top podium finish in Singapore, then, followed by a third finish in Japan, then another first in Korea where both Red Bulls failed to finish.  It looked like Alonzo had it in the bag as they say with just two races to go.  Alonzo was still in the thick of the fight, actually a favorite, after finishing third in Inter Lagos.

The final and last race of the season was a telling one for Alonzo with Sebastian Vettel taking advantage of the RBR-Renault power and handling.  The Renault-powered Red Bulls were obviously the team to reckon with in the F1 2010 season.  They dominated most of the qualifying sessions with a lot of show.  Strategy is a key factor in winning races and if ever Vettel disobeyed team orders, that was his strategy.  Actually he would even be right in doing so.  How would you call a team to be "a team" when they make orders in favor of  just one?  There's no team in "I", "me", "he" or "him".

Congratulations Sebastian Vettel F1 champion!!!  That's showing them how!  Leave the question for the team asking the question "why?" and they will have to look at the mirror and see if they can look straight in their own eyes!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Writing online

Before the coming of the internet, published writing is done only through newspapers, magazines, books and other paper material.  It was really a difficult to get a job of being a columnist or reporter unless you really have the skills to show for it.  Being good at the job can be rewarding both in career and making money.  Most financial rewards come from people or companies who would want them to be mentioned in articles and news items.  It is a way for them to get exposure financial rewards for mention in news items, money  writing online, work writing online and gain fame.  In all consideration it is difficult to make it as a successful columnist, reporter or writer.

Writing online has given aspiring writers and those who are interested to learn to hone their skills.  Computers simplified the task of correcting errors and transposing words, phrases and sentences.  With the internet and computer, it has opened a gateway for those who want to publish their work writing online.  In most cases it is not required to apply for a job at all.  The best example is this blog where items, articles, videos and photos can be posted.  It takes a little while to learn with some maneuvering, trial and error to get good results.

The important thing with writing online is to have your own personal computer or laptop.  Have a reliable connection internet service consistent in speed, ideally 512kbps or higher.   Good knowledge of the language you intend to write with.  Typing skills and speed will only be necessary if you are in contract and have deadlines to meet.  Take note that those who hire, or employers online, could be doing the same thing to make money!  Often they hire people who are good to get the articles posted on a daily basis.  Most of them make  money online that they can afford to hire writers.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gravity and Light - a personal view

For many years now, I could not believe in gravity as much as light from the sun. If gravity is for real, why are the oceans, seas and big lakes form a dome or an arc? Water is supposed to seek its own level but an arc or dome is not a is not a level or flat as we are supposed to perceive!

Newton said it was due to gravity why the apple fell from the tree. Gee, the apple probably was ripe and due for harvest. That's the reason it fell because it could no longer sustain the atmospheric pressure compared to when it was still raw!

Remember that while you go higher into the atmosphere or higher from sea level your weight goes down. It is because there is less atmospheric pressure pressing you down on earth! When you go into outer space you are weightless, right? Why? There is no atmosphere or air pressure in the same way things are weightless in a vacuum!

Atmosphere is also related to having light from the sun or sunshine. We only have light as the other planets and satellites because they have some atmosphere! Have you ever wondered why it is dark at night when the sun is supposed shine on our entire planetary system? Light or sunshine only goes through when there is 'atmosphere'.

The speed of light will be correct when there is atmosphere. It goes a lot faster invisible and immeasurable to us in vacuum or when there is no atmosphere. This is the point where I contest existence of gravity and the alleged speed of light.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Living our Life as it should be

People of the world are now just trying to survive hardly living our life.  Except for the very few rich people, most are no longer living their life as it should be.  Commercialization of the globe is to blame for this.  Companies have gone to 24/7/365 in their operations and graveyard shift was inevitable.  To be able to cope with it, they have three (3) shifts of employees for 24 hours, several sets of the employees work on different days of the week to meet the limit the 40 hours per week limit.  For those employees, that is no longer living - they are simply trying to survive.

Employees of 24/7/365 operations would hardly have any opportunity with their co-employees to have a day-off to enjoy or bond altogether for a single day in a year.  Having worked with two companies on graveyard shift did matter especially when getting together in rare occasions with friends and relatives.  Simply, we need life as it should be - living our life.  Work or family has to be sacrificed but I never sacrificed family for work.  The saying "work should revolve around your life and not for life to revolve around your work" should always be the practice.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stress Management Exercises helps anger issues

Stress management exercises are one thing.  But, do you really know how it creeps slowly into your subconscious when you are at your most vulnerable? It just suddenly slams you from the back of your head!  Anger issues with stress might come out as a result!

Small things like annoyances, irritations and dislikes are causes of stress to those who low tolerance for them.  These could easily be managed by merely ignoring them or staying away from them.  Conditions that may have long-term causes for stress are financial woes, work and family.  Ways to work around them are possible and can be managed on a day-to-day basis.  In short, they are problems that you could have some good control of.  However, the causes of stress that are beyond your control are those created by unexpected events or by other people!

Having no control of the what is causing the it would be difficult to do stress management exercise.  It may come and go but when you are caught unaware it slams back hard.  Yes, you tried to manage it and took it in stride.  The biggest problem is when it slowly creeps into your subconscious.  If there are a good number of them slowly creeping and you are not aware of it, it becomes bottled-up then just explodes like a volcano.  Anger issues with stress are difficult to handle much more manage!

To help avoid unload subconscious review those stress causing issues.  Be conscious about them to relieve the back of your mind.  It is just like anger that you keep bottled-up inside you.  If there is a way for you to lighten up anger within you - do the same way for stress. 

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Impacts of Global Warming on Al Gore’s "The Inconvenient Truth"

The inconvenient truth message of former Vice-President Al Gore is about impacts of global warming.  The small increments in temperature say that it has a catastrophic significance to the world.  Having watched the video documentary it really seemed to have the said effects on the world as a whole.  The melting of the ice at the North Pole and increased levels of the oceans was quite pronounced.  The problem is with the huge slice of ice, acres of it, purportedly to be slipping into the ocean.  It was depicted that underneath it was water that slowly moves it into the ocean!  Wow!  That would be a great river, a lot larger than the Amazon River moving that entire  island of ice!  Now tell me, is that realistic or just plain imagination?

The impacts of global warming can attributed partially to having mined almost all the oil from earth. Oil makes continents and other moving parts of the world move with fluidity.  No friction – therefore no heat.  Volcanoes are erupting and earthquakes have become more violent because there is lack of oil within earth to lubricate their movement.  That is the reason why nature had its way of ‘producing’ oil from ancient animals and plants! Now with the excessive use of fossil fuel, the earth is experiencing abnormal warming!  The questions that should be posed right now are:  How warm or how cool do we want to the Earth to be?  On the other hand, how would nature or the Earth would want it to be?

Let us leave what needs to be done by nature itself.  There is no quick solution to this.  Yes, we think of our childrens' future.  The entire people of the world can not take care of it in the next 10 or 20 years!  Leave nature to do what is best!  It did the dinosaurs – without that we would not even be here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Computer package for Internet satisfaction

Hardware needed for internet satisfaction is a complete set of possibly the latest computer package.  The basic ones are CPU, monitor, wifi, keyboard, mouse, CD/DVD reader, and an AVR.  Internet connection from a reliable internet service provider should provide good speed of at least 380 kbps.  The distance of the cable DSL should not be too far from the source.  Excessively long cables result to poor internet speed. Dial-up connections are not used much now because of the very slow speed.  Areas without DSL service but have telephone lines still use the dial-up connection. Wireless broadband internet connection will be alright for father distances but connection might not be consistent for internet satisfaction.  Many users on a cell site will have some connection problems from time to time. I still have to see cell sites that would have dedicated signal for internet users.

Software is a program needed to operate a good computer package the same way it is needed for the internet. For software operating systems, internet browsers used depends on compatibility.  There should be ideal compatibility with the operating system and internet browsers.  A user friendly internet browser makes navigation easy.  There are systems that do not allow PDF (Portable Document Format).  The PDF was started by Adobe to help compress content to be downloaded.  Adobe online is free to install and comes with other features like Flash Player needed in viewing in many web sites.  Internet browsers, operating systems and PDF are software that need to be installed.  Other software needed for internet satisfaction are anti-virus and anti-spyware.  These software protect the computer from computer virus and spyware.  That completes the equipment you need for the internet.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Web sites help Businesses

The advances in web hosting have gone far beyond our imagination.  Having worked for a well known web hosting company for almost 2 years from 2005 to 2007, I thought that it would take time before significant improvement can be made by others.  Technical know how and training in that company was virtually at a snails’ pace then!  Their main problem was outdated server equipment that were costly to maintain.  They could not simply change over to newer equipment.

Currently web site hosting businesses have top of the line server equipment.  With that they can even offer lower monthly subscriptions with a variety of plans to choose from.  The type of plan should have features of a business would need like purchasing and making payment online.  One of the best, if not the best web hosting company also offers managed hosting that would save a business from worries. 100% uptime is guaranteed and with full redundancy!  That’s a first for me to hear of redundancy with web hosting!

Well, being not completely updated and as a non-technical person, the colocation services of that web hosting company is also new to me.  This is one of the new systems said to be more cost effective and safer for businesses.  It has automatic power back system that assures continuous power supply.  It is becoming to be more popular for internet service because of advanced features such as less latency and faster internet speed.  For businesses, that would be the kind of web site hosting that will provide the ideal service.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Watch movies online

People have their own reasons why they enjoy the movies they watch.  Romantics like to watch romance or sentimental movies.  There are a lot of people that watch movies online these days.  I love watching war movies, espionage and detective movies not because of the killings but the strategies they use to win.  It also gives a lesson on decision making.  The movies give an insight of what to consider in times of war. The matter of getting out alive and winning gives the excitement.

World War II movies have depicted war events that wars can be won by strategy.  It does not necessarily mean that might and power guarantees a win.  Germany did not succeed in conquering Britain that had only around 600 planes against their more than 2,000 planes!  You can watch movies online about this.  Japan was showing all its might in Asia but they were defenseless when the atomic bombs were dropped on them. Another good example is the Vietnam War.  With the all the might and power of the U.S. they were not able to defeat the North Vietnamese. 

On other war movies and true to life raids or rescues, those that Israel got into were won by strategy.  The raid at Entebbe is for real and I believe two movies were made about it.  It was a very good raid and rescue by Israel that there were no casualties on the rescued hostages.  There was only one casualty in the raiding team and the irony of it all, it was the leader of the raiding team.  I was able to watch movies online about it, I could not exactly recall how the officer perished.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hire online with Online Contract

The past two weeks has been very frustrating to get an online contract to write articles.  The inadequacy of many online employers, those who hire online, is simply disgusting.  One that I applied for was specific to hire one from our country.  He chose me as the right candidate, after about 30 minutes chat on Skype.  The job was quite complicated because it will involve first a series of researches before writing articles.  But, the problem is the research is not even related to the articles!

After several exchanges of emails, with attachments, with him, he could not differentiate how to do the searches he wants to be done on the online contract!  On the last email he sent, attached was a screen shot of what he wanted.  It was actually simple.  All he had to differentiate it from was typing the word "intitle:" as against the other!  I declined the job because I did not want to work with someone who could not give instructions the right way.  Immediately after I declined the job, he sent an email that he wanted me specifically for the job and insisted on me taking it.  So, after thinking things over, I agreed to the hire online.  Anyway, who am I to refuse?

As a professional, I accepted the online contract and directed to me at the market place.  From then on, I waited for the task he was going to assign.  Usually, I cancel contracts not responded to, within a weeks time.  A week passed and still nothing from him.  On the 10th day, still no email or message from him.  So, I sent him a message, at the market place, that he wasted 100 hours of my time and asked him to cancel the contract.  For 10 miserable days I have allocated 10 hours each day just for that.  I hope that market places for hire online people will be stricter with employers who tie-up unpaid hours on an online contract.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Free iPads

The iPad has been released.  With the launching of iPad, there is a way to get one without necessarily purchasing it., operated by a former vice-president of, will be the site that will offer iPad for free.  Of course they will not just simply be giving the free iPads away.  Points will need to be earned in playing games in the web site.  To do so, one will need to register at the web site to be able to log in.  There will also be questions to be answered entitling participants to earn points.  It is said that it is quite easy to earn and accumulate points and redeem them for the free iPad.

Points earned in playing the games at will be somewhere 20 to 50 points.  As an example, 250 points will be needed for a Nintendo.  Additional points can be earned inviting others to join.

So for those who are used to playing games online, it will be quite easy to get that iPad for free!  It will be great to be doing something enjoyed online and have the opportunity to get an iPad for it.  Most of the time, the idea of giving these new gadgets for free during launch, is to test the market.  There are people hesitant to purchase new electronic products and they wait for feedbacks from first owners.  The best way to have first owners of the iPad is to give it away for free. To join, you will have to be invited by someone who is already a member.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yahoo answers to questions

When searching online, the results often show those coming from Yahoo answers especially if the search is in the form of a question.  I’ve been on and off at this Yahoo forum to give answers that I know would help. But looking over some answers to questions, some are just nonsense or with intentions to make fun of it.  It is obvious those people can’t do anything better or simply dumb!  Well-meaning people give sensible answers.  There are also those who are doubtful of their own answers!

There was a time I raised a question why some people are not stung or bitten by mosquitoes.  I raised the question at Yahoo answers because in our entire married life, my wife was never even bothered by mosquitoes.  To cut it short, only one made an answer and it was quite a dumb one.  The answer suggested that my wife could have been putting on an insect or mosquito repellant! Would I not know that? Some people who make answers to questions probably lack logic or common sense.

I waited for a month to get a sensible answer but there was none.  It came to my mind that there was really no one that goes to Yahoo Answers with good general knowledge.  My general knowledge is also not that good so I only put answers to those that I specialize in like cars, marketing and management.  Anyway going back to my question there was no any answer after the first.  I learned about the answer accidentally while watching a television documentary why some people are not stung by mosquitoes.  Many answers to questions can be learned watching television especially Discovery Channel.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gold and what all it is worth for

It used to be that gold was the basis of a nations' economy.  A nation that would have more gold reserves would be considered as having better wealth.  Having more gold reserves means a country is in pink financial health!  That's the reason conquering countries, during wars, try to get all the gold from a country they reign supreme. Yes, I think it's better to use the word wealth here instead of economy in referring to the stature of a country when it comes to economy.  The reserves are in gold bullion that has a specific weight, shape and purity.

My father and older brother were mining and metallurgical engineers respectively, but they never told us how the gold they mined was refined, smelted and delivered to wherever it ended. With that alone, we are made aware on how valuable gold really is!  As far as I have been aware of, it is delivered to the Central Bank or Government Bank where they melt the gold and shape them to bullion with corresponding codes or serial numbers, whatever.  There is no way to directly buy gold bullion from the mines that produced them!

As of late, the city we are in is no longer a center for gold mines.  Well, most of the mines that surrounded our city were primarily copper mines and gold was only a by-product.  This means that there was, or is, more copper produced than gold!  The City of Baguio was a product of copper and gold mines around it.  A city or locality's wealth is based on its produce.  Simply said, our city thrived from these mining firms and was virtually made from gold.

Gold has an intrinsic value that means it will never go out of 'style' or demand.  From its use as jewelry to electronics, it will stay and forever be there.  Compared to diamond, I believe gold has more use and should be more valuable in the long run.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook Applications can tell something about you

Facebook applications can tell much about you.  When you play FarmVille, Cafe World, Mafia Wars, FrontierVille and others that require waiting time, it can tell about the users patience or eagerness.  Patience shows when you plant those that takes a day or more to grow.  Eagerness comes out when you plant those that can be harvested in the shortest possible time less than 1 day!  Quick harvest can result to 'addiction' on the game, or, getting tired of easily when you lack the time to go online.

Balanced users, those that plant both quick and long time harvest, know when they have the time for it.  Facebook applications can help employers to see the 'attitude' of an employee or an applicant when they are on the game applications.  Friends would also be able to find how long 'that friend' could be patient!  It would also show on how long a user accepts a friend invitation or a gift.

There is a lot to be learned from Facebook about users who are your friends.  For most, you will be able to know their likes and dislikes and how they express their emotions.  Some people say Facebook applications are kids’ stuff.  Well, if they don't know how to look into it - that's the reason they are not at Facebook.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Modern Snipers TV Documentary

In the earliest times of snipers, they go solo or alone to do the job compared to modern snipers.  They were on their own to conceal themselves and avoid detection.  After that, when the capacity of the sniper guns became better in covering distance and having better accuracy, snipers needed a partner to spot their targets.  The partner, I think called spotter or scout, has the job of locating targets, measuring distance and wind velocity.  This is crucial for the sniper to hit the target with just one shot.  Missing the target could compromise their location. Snipers with partners are what have been shown on movies and other documentaries.  It is not clear if the missions for a target involved two or more sniper teams.

The modern snipers are now a team composed of four to six members.  The rationale is for the snipers to have more logistics, like food and ammunition, when assigned to a mission. Their training includes observing and mapping the target area.  They also have to identify high-value targets especially when in a populated area. Keen observation of the snipers’ team is essential to minimize casualties in the process and this includes preventing casualties on their side.  Another asset of the snipers’ team is to be able to blend to any type of surroundings they will be in.

Several modern snipers teams are assigned to a single target.  They are to coordinate with each other on their moves.  If necessary, there will be teams to penetrate the target area while other teams remain in the perimeters to monitor movements and security.  Their mission ends only after accomplishing what needs to be done and they are able to return.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Brief History of the Internet

Did you know that the inventor of the internet did not really make himself ultra rich in the likes of Bill Gates and the owners of Yahoo and Google?  His name is Tim Berners-Lee.  Unlike other inventors like Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin, he did not work on the invention by himself.  He was with CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, when he proposed the World Wide Web based on his prototype system Enquire that he built.  He invented the World Wide Web, HTML (hypertext markup language), HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and URLs (Universal Resource Locators) in 1990.   He developed the first web browser and the first web server at CERN working closely with Robert Cailliau.  His invention is what started what we now do online.   Internet per se could have been envisioned by others but not exactly as how Berners-Lee etal did it.  It is very interesting to note that when researching now for internet history years back, most pointed to Tim Berners-Lee.  Researching on it now shows different people and organizations stating what they had done.  This is except for the ARPANET that is actually the forerunner of the internet.  After that, came the world’s first web address 

The idea of Berners-Lee behind this is for CERN physicists share all the computer-stored information at the laboratory. Information then could be transferred easily over the internet by using hypertext, the now familiar point-and-click system of navigating through information.  From there on, the internet developed further into having other features like java script, PHP, ASP and others.  This would make now several web pages easier to navigate through links, pop-ups, tabs, scrolls, hyperlinks, and etcetera.   1991 was the turning point for the internet, though we may see as primitive now, it was then that testing was made on universal line mode browser.
Tim Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web Consortium in 1994.  The consortium decided that their standards will be based on royalty-free technology so that it can be adopted by anyone.  With this, Berners-Lee and the consortium it shows that they did not take advantage on what could have been trillions or quadrillions of dollars for them.  So, for us internet users, we are lucky that we are not paying for more.  In connection with this, here is a quote of Mr. Tim Berners-Lee on what he wants:
I have a dream for the Web [in which computers] become capable of analyzing all the data on the Web – the content, links, and transactions between people and computers. A ‘Semantic Web’, which should make this possible, has yet to emerge, but when it does, the day-to-day mechanisms of trade, bureaucracy and our daily lives will be handled by machines talking to machines. The ‘intelligent agents’ people have touted for ages will finally materialize.”
– Tim Berners-Lee, 1999
Making the technology royalty free, the internet was made available to those who have telephones and computers.  There is the dial-up connection through a modem.  In this type of internet connection, you are not able to use the telephone independently while you are connected on the internet.  Except in other few areas, this type of internet connection is almost obsolete because of slow speed.  The common connection now is DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) a high speed connection that does not interfere with the voice service of the telephone.  This means to say that the telephone could be used while connected on the internet.  ISPs (Internet Service Providers) proliferated when the internet became commercial.  From wired telephone service connection it was followed by the wifi wireless broadband connection.  It is no longer necessary to have a telephone line to subscribe for a DSL internet connection.  Landline telephone companies followed suit in offering only DSL internet connection without necessarily subscribing to telephone service.  It might not be long from now the internet might just replace landline telephone for those who have computer internet service.  Being online has already the ‘chat’ messenger service where you could call through the computer and VoIP.  Not only that, with the web cam you can see the person you are talking with.

 So, that’s the brief history of the internet that is focused more on the World Wide Web for commercial use.  For internet history earlier than 1990, it was actually more LAN (Local Area Networking) because it was limited only to a group or area to access.  The connections were mostly direct to computers.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Format converter for one type to another

Uploading and downloading photographs, music, video, movies and articles, to or from computers, would sometimes have problems.  Some computers do not allow some formats that are not in the system but could be converted to another with a format converter.  It is the same way when trying to upload a photo to a web site.  Many websites allow only one format and its either JPEG, GIF or PNG for pictures.  For profile photos it should only be a small sized one, if not, it will ask you to trim it. The same could be said for MS word.  There have been different versions since Windows 95.  I am not sure if all the MS Word from the first version could be converted to the latest.  There is a converter for MS Word 2007 format to MS Word 2003.

File Converter for movies, videos and music with different formats is also available.  There is software that can be downloaded to practically convert them to any format compatible to your computer.  The software however has system requirements.  Make sure that you have the appropriate system for the application to function properly.  Even with just one missing requirement the software application will not work. Also, there are software player downloads available online that can play almost all formats.  Most can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial then you have to purchase the complete software.  WINamp can play several formats of video, movies and music without the need of a file converter.  A few formats could not be played probably due to security or compatibility reasons.

For photos, you can convert them in different formats if the save system offers the options.  If not, you can always copy-paste the photo at “Paint” then save as the format you want or need.

Friday, August 20, 2010

MP3s, iPods and other music devices

Our names even nicknames are music to our ears.  Next to that will be real music that pleases our ears.  What has been for us lately to play real music personally are CD/DVD, MP3, iPod and whatnot.  CD/DVDs are the only ones with recorded music that can be bought from music stores.  There is nothing that you can buy that go directly to other formats and play instantly.  For the music you like to get into those devices and play them, you will need software first to convert them in your computer then transfer the converted format.  For the new iPod model, it will be best to contact technical support for the touch versions on how to properly operate it.  It looks very similar to the older version that has button controls.  However, there could be different or additional functions that would be available on touch screen.  Support will definitely be of big help especially to those new to it.

The main problem in getting or downloading music to MP3 and iPod is the format.  When you buy CD/DVD and want it for MP3, it automatically converts it to the format once uploaded to the computer.  That would be a quick way to download it to an MP3 player through a USB port.  For iPods, it will have to go through a stage longer and require iTune software to do it.  Those who ask, ‘can I format my iPod’ will be actually a question of using another format other than MP3.  iPods are actually on MP3 format but needs to go through the iTune software for the music to download properly.  Music devices have their own security set-ups to provide the service.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First time buyers of used vehicle

This should help those who would, for first time buyers, own a used vehicle.  Especially for those who do not know anything about cars, first time to drive one, or, does not have any inclination to learn how a car works.
  • Don't buy a used car without anyone with you who is competent in checking used cars.
  • Don't be taken by the looks and additional accessories installed in the car.
  • During test drives don't be impressed on how smooth the car runs, it might be good only for test drives.
  • Make sure all gauges, lights and wipers work well, both when the engine is running and not on used vehicle.  Some of those should not work when ignition is off.
  • See that all tires have even wear and at least 75% tire life remaining.
  • If possible for first time buyers, test drive the car also with full passenger load, that is where weak suspension and noise would show, if any.
  • Lastly, if the car year model is 1994 and up, try to have On Board Diagnosis (OBD) be done.  It may be a little costly but worth saving the price you intend to pay for the car.
These are just basic tips for first time used vehicle owners.  I had to publish this because I pity a friend who trusted people, even mechanics at that, who took advantage of his ignorance as a first time buyer.  I am now the owner of that car and was able to correct the defects that it had.  We swapped cars with some cash he shelled out.  My car is 1994 his is 1989 of the same make and model.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Superstition of Friday the 13th

The number 13 alone scares a lot people especially those superstitious.  The more they get scared when it is a Friday!  Take note also that in tall buildings 14 floors or higher, they would not number 13th floor as 13th floor!  Even if they don't number that floor 13, when floors are counted from below it's still the 13th floor, right?  Where did all these superstitions come from?

Having asked around and trying to look it up, Friday the 13th superstition points out to, believe it or not, something related to religion.  It is said that there are 12 apostles and Jesus is the 13th person when they are all together!  Now why would be 13 bad luck if that is Jesus' number?  Some say that 13 is only for Jesus, so for ordinary human beings - tough luck!

Linking Friday to 13 becomes more of bad luck, so they say, because Jesus was crucified on a Friday.  It was a matter of putting one and one together for the superstitious!  I have not checked if that Friday was a 13 and if it were, probably that's reason for Friday the 13th superstition as a bad luck day.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trade Shows and Display Booths

Actual presence of products or services on display is advertising in its best form.  This is how they do it during trade shows where manufacturers or service outfits show their wares.Most of the time the booths are relatively small, often side-by-side in a row. Making them attractive to members of the trade show and its guests will appeal better with a motif related to their products.  Even the trade show flooring could be decorated by each booth owner, of course without causing damage to the venue's floor.  Trade show venues often have concrete or marble flooring.  Putting in trade show carpet on the display booth's flooring adds a little more glamor.

There are also logo mats available in different sizes and shapes that could be placed maybe just before the booth entry carpet. A company logo is always a pride of the people who work there. It gives identity to the booth. People also look where they go and step on, and seeing the logo on the floor tells them the booth owner.

Ceilings of display show booths are mostly open except for some 'rafters' to hold the walls. Booth joists are also in place for lighting fixtures.  Other booths put logo canopy to emphasize more on their location when seen from a distance.  Some venues of trade shows are ground floors of hotels that could be viewed from upper floors.  
To cost conscious trade show participants, carpets, mats and canopies might be added cost.  They should bear in mind that the accessories are not one-time-use items.  After the trade show it could be used in their respective offices. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Will your type of music tell something about you?

Like food and clothing, different people would have their own preference for music.  But would people having the same preference for music have the same thinking?  Let’s say lively music for people who love to go partying, will they necessarily have the same or similar thinking?  Mostly, they are lively people who go partying in groups and enjoy dancing to the tunes.  There are people also who love to listen to lively music but would not know how to dance!  They just savor the lively sound.  One thing we could make of the people who prefer lively music is that they are happy people.  It is the music that makes them feel alive and kicking!  They maybe like a little carefree, outgoing and sociable type of people.  In all probability most of them would be those who can easily get over rough times.

What about people who enjoy more than one type of music?  It seems that there are more people who have a varied preference for music.  Often said, music sets the mood of people.  If that would be the case, people with varied preference could change their mood by changing the music they are listening to?  That could be true of people who are not doing anything and just listening to music.  On a personal account, the type of music I listen to can easily change my mood when things around seem to go along.  There are times that I just prefer listening to just one type of genre, and that is how I arranged my play list at YouTube.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why FaceBook Membership has grown fast

FaceBook would easily be the hands-down top social network when it comes to membership.  It is the top social network in Australia, Canada, France, India, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.  It is now ranked No. 1 in Unique Visits (UV) followed by MySpace, Twitter, Flixter and LinkedIn.

The applications at Facebook would be the most visited like those of FarmVille, Cafe World, Mafia Wars and the like.  One thing about this applications, if you do not have or could not get real friends that actively participate in them you tend to be left behind or "lose".  Eventually you lose interest, or like what others do create another account just to help out on the applications you are into.

Yes, that's how it goes.  So, one member can create as many accounts possible in Facebook as long there are "aliases" in the information you put.  With that, you will also have to create several email addresses because each account has an email address as user name.  Now, if there are statistics that would show how many play or use the applications, there is a good tendency that accurate number of users might not be true.

In fact I have two accounts even if I have many active member friends.  The reason is they could only 'assist' one every 24 hours on what you need.  At times they can't even give the help or assistance you need.  With the other account, I can get exactly what I need.  That's how it goes and many members would have multiple accounts.  That's aside from orphaned accounts where members forgot or put in a wrong email address then created another or a second account.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Different listening delights to the sound of music

Music has been the longest time entertainment for people.  Being one of the oldest or the oldest form of entertainment would it have been invented, or, did it just come to people normally?  There are people who have the talent for it.  These modern times though, talent needs to be developed.  Would it have been the same in the ancient times when they were having music?  Watching movies about ancient times, it shows their music came from instruments. with some chants, maybe.  No movie showed people singing along with their music.  Probably music inventors only invented the notes, or put a name to the notes at the same time on how to write them.  If the people of ancient times did not have notes to read, how did they know what to play after each note to make it pleasing to the ears?  I like and play music but I only know how to read guitar notes and those written on the staff.

Countries have their own style of music and very distinctive.  Sometimes just hearing the music will let us know what country has that style of music.  After the country’s style of music, musicians developed their own style or genre of music.  Their music practically has their own characters.  For genre they are the likes of ballad, rock-n-roll, blues, classical, rap, pop and others.  There are also moods for music like happy, sentimental, love songs, birthday, wedding songs and even funeral songs.  Out of curiosity, are there songs celebrating or congratulatory for newborns?  If there is any, I have not heard of one yet.  Okay now song writers there, try to come up with some music for this.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Answers to some job Interview Questions

Q:  What motivates you to work?
A:  It's the work that motivates me.

Q:  Can you work under pressure?
A:  I am always under pressure when I work but I don't feel it.  I 
      can not work under undue pressure because that is where  
      mistakes and failures come from.

Q:  Are you a team player?
A:  Yes, as long as the team is established.  There's no team    
      when there is no bond existing among the the members.

Q:  How long do you intend to stay with us?
A:  As long as I see on my end that there is fair treatment and 
      the company recognizes and appreciates the work I do.

Q:  Are you willing to work on extended hours?
A:  With pay, yes. Voluntarily - not more than 15 minutes.

      Q:  Why?
      A:  With pay - who would not want extra money?  
             Voluntarily that's the most I can give as the company
             will deduct an hours pay if I am late for 15 minutes,
             even with a valid reason.  I can only give in return what 
             the company is willing to give - fair and square.

Food for Thought

Time is something we spend that we do not know if we earned it. If ever we earned it, how much more is there left for us to spend.  FaceBook

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Don’t be complicated to make life simpler

Life is complicated enough so don’t make it more complicated. It is actually depending on our wants and demands that makes life more complicated. Many would not settle for what is regularly available and many more would not settle for what is most available. For wanting what is more than the best available, then we can call that luxury, right? When you have specifications not available on the market then that could be termed as luxury or out of the ordinary. Check it out at consumer advice centre on what you would want that is or not available. Remember that whims could only be available in specialty shops or with specialized manufacturers. Another, don’t be too ambitious on something you want that you can not afford. It’s okay to break your heart but not breaking bank vaults – lol!

Should you have the urge for demanding the best but you can not afford it, start seeing a shrink or psychiatrist. You might have some childhood dreams or ambitions that are not applicable to your current situation. Make sure that you have some consumer advice contact to make sure that your problem is nothing psychological. When you’re safe from of any mind disorder, you can make your life simpler. It is a lot easier to deal with simple things you know you can achieve. Being too demanding or wanting more than what you can afford can drive you crazy. That’s really simple, right? There is nothing that could be more satisfying than realizing what you really can get. Not knowing one self’s capacity is dangerous. It can either make you by mere luck or ruin you totally because of ignorance. Life is simple – keep it as it is.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A country very concerned with consumer protection

Third world countries are far behind first world countries that practically have the best facilities to produce high quality goods.  In the fields of science and electronics first world countries are way advanced.  One of the countries with one of the most advanced technologies the United Kingdom (UK).  The advanced technology they have for manufacturing is geared more for consumer satisfaction and protection in the UK.  This is the reason why they have the consumer advice bureaus. Not only in Belfast is this true but in several cities within the UK.  The good for the consumer is for the good of the country that tells good governance.  In many third world countries, manufacturing industries do business that corrupt government officials.  This is especially true when it comes to pharmaceutical products.  Many of their DFA could not control this.

Talking about Ireland, there is the north and south of it.  Naturally the north is part of the UK while Southern Ireland is independent.  Anyway, they should not be far from each other when it comes to consumer protection.  Ireland will have its own consumer advice bureau.  They would not want the UK having something for protection of consumers and they would not have one of their own.  It is practical even for neighboring countries where people could go to another that would offer benefits for their people.  This is one thing difficult with countries isolated from others.  The people who can afford it can go to a better country while those who can’t afford it just stay on.  The same goes true for third world countries surround by countries like them.  This seems to be the case in many South African third world countries.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Connecting monitors and speakers to a desktop

Computers need devices to be connected to it to function the way we want. For internet it should be internet ready and needs to be connected to a modem of an ISP. The computer's Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the main hardware where software is installed to fully function. It is there where the monitor is connected but you have an option to also for the power source. You will need to know how to connect the computer to HDTV as  your PC or laptop monitor. Many are now opting to use HDTV because of its larger screen and compatibility with computers. It also gives the convenience of being able to watch TV shows on it. That is an option that a regular computer LCD monitor could not offer outright.

In connecting devices to a CPU, make sure that you have the correct cables matching the ports available. Some might require adapters. For regular connections the CPU could have the round ports, rhombic shaped ports and rectangular ports for monitors, printers, keyboards and mouse. On how to connect speakers to a laptop, it is still the usual small male plug to color matching female ports to the laptop. It will be the same for desktops. New model keyboards and mouse could now be plugged through USB ports instead of serial. USB ports and plugs have standard small rectangular shapes that always match. They are universal as what the “U” stands for and any peripheral device plugged to those ports should work properly. It is important that you take care in properly inserting the plugs to the ports. Do not force-plug if it will not go smoothly. Pins could easily break and wrong connections could create trouble for your computer.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shopping for LCD for my desktop computer

Replacing an electronic device gives me some problems when it comes to brand, price and length of service.  I have learned my lesson with a previous CRT monitor for my desktop that did not last more than 2 years.  The brand was in demand and the price was quite close to better known ones.  If CRT televisions last for 10 years or more, the same should be for PC CRT monitors!  The CRT monitor I currently use and soon to replace is a used one I bought from a friend for one-fourth the price of a new one.  So, I am also considering buying a used LCD for a lesser price compared to a brand new one which I might regret again.  At the same time I would like to know how to connect a laptop to HDTV in case I opt for an HDTV.  It is just really a matter of cost if it will not be a big difference, especially for used units.

The other reason I am considering HDTV is because we have a notebook that only has a 10 inch screen.  The question is how to connect our notebook to HDTV?  All the notebook has are USB ports and one regular port for a printer.  The technical people of computer dealers are not very reliable.  I have visited several of them regarding connection for my desktop and notebook so both would automatically share files.  It was just amazing that all of them have different advice and cables suggested to be used.  Gauging from how they gave instructions, they are not really familiar on processes between two computers. All they know is good only for one computer and transfer of files through USB, CD/DVD and uploading and downloading online.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Problem is All in the Mind

We all have to accept there are inferior and superior minds.  If one can't accept yours is inferior or superior to some other minds then you really have a problem. 

Mind you, if you can't tolerate someone whose mind is inferior to yours, then you are the inferior one!  Why?  If you have a superior mind then you can understand those inferior  to yours.  But if you can't understand them and they understand you, then you as a whole person is the inferior one.

Realization on this will come about when you can't tolerate those inferior minds to yours.  You want them to think the way you think!  Remember, they are inferior and you can not force them to think the way you want them to!  It is the same manner for those who have a more superior mind than yours.  It becomes so difficult for you to accept what they want you to think, right?

So, it is all in the mind.  It is just like forcing a large sized person into clothes that are for medium or small sized people.  Think about it!  If you can't accept it then you're dumber than dumb!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Post - Mayweather-Mosley Fight Analysis

It was just very obvious.  Mosley able to smile after losing his title to Mayweather?  Awwww - common!  Every champion couldn't smile after losing it!!!  Mosley's smile was even more prominent when Mayweather was asked about a fight with Pacquiao!  Not only that!  He almost floored Mayweather on the second round and going into the 3rd round he did not even show any effort to go for the 'kill'!

The possible scripted fight was easy to negotiate.  Mosley did not lose yet by KO - Mayweather has not lost any fight yet.  It could have been scripted this way:  Mosley was given a 'go-for-it' in the first two rounds to get rid of Mayweather.  That would be the first loss Floyd was going to risk!  If Shane would not be able to do it, he would no longer go for a win, and, Mayweather will not defeat him with a KO!  Fair exchange huh?

They both were in for the money!  Was there any 'black-eye' or bloodied face?  None!  Both of them 
looked like 'clean-shaven' and fresh after the fight!  Commentators were saying Mosley was spent and heavily breathing through his mouth. Nonsense!  If that were true, he should have slumped in his corner and bitter like a downed warrior!  But no!  Nothing of that!  Mosley was quick to get up and stand beside Mayweather during the interview, smiling like a crocodile!  It was relieving that the interviewer was sort of 'sarcastic' when he asked about a possible Pacquiao-Mayweather bout!  I believe the interviewer had an inkling of what happened.  Mayweather took some time before being able to answer the interviewer!  Near him, Mosley, grinning like Muttley - the dog, of Wacky Races!

Simple as it is, they could not accept that the best boxer in different weight categories is a  Filipino.  Pound for pound!  Mayweather claims wanting to 'play-on-equal-grounds'!  He might be the one on 'upper(s)' playing ground, that's why he has not lost a fight!  Manny Pacquiao has lost fights and that's normal, but he prevailed!
Now, Floyd Mayweather Jr., are you going to hide behind that skirt of drug testing?  You should be the one who should be tested because you either scripted all your fights, or, used something 'to keep you up' when your opponents were playing on equal grounds!!!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mosley vs. Mayweather

May 2, 2010 will be the day of reckoning between Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather.  Both of them were the prospective opponents of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao even before Clottey was the "chosen" one.  The Mosley-Pacquiao bout did not materialize because challenges came from Cotto and Mayweather.  It seems that promoters saw more money with either Cotto or Mayweather fighting Pacquiao.  Anyway, Cotto came up first then Clottey in the last two fights of Pacquiao.  The much awaited Pacquiao-Mayweather fight was shelved because the Mayweathers were asking for too many concessions like drug testing.  I believe it was boxing promoter Bob Arum that discontinued the negotiations because the Mayweathers were too demanding and hurling foul words and statements against the popular 7-time champion Filipino boxer.

The bout between Mosley and Mayweather will be an acid test for both boxers.  Anyone who comes out winner in this fight could just be the next challenger to Manny Pacquiao's throne.  If Mayweather comes out as a clear winner and 'unscathed', then he will have the nerve to challenge Pacquiao, again.  On the other hand, even if he will be the winner but badly hurt from the fight, he will have to think twice before challenging Pacquiao.  He chose to take on Mosley first to test himself if he can sustain power punches.  The difference is Mosley is not as quick and foxy as the Pacman in the boxing ring.
For Mosley, whether he wins or not, he will still be very much considered for the next and probably the last fight of Manny Pacquiao.  The money to be gained will be really big if he fights the Filipino, win or lose.  Many suspect that Clottey fought Pacquiao for money because of his dismal performance.  He was just a punching bag for the Pacman.
In this fight, Floyd comes out of retirement and unbeaten.  Oscar dela Hoya came out of retirement to fight and trained hard for it, but he quit and was badly beaten.  Shane is an active fighter and acknowledged to be a heavy puncher.  Condition-wise I would be for Shane Mosley.  Floyd Mayweather may either over-train or under-train that will make his condition questionable.  His stamina might be back or even better but that could easily go down with powerful punches.  Remember that training does not go as far as hurting or injuring the body.  It is just for conditioning.  In real boxing he would be hurt and could even be injured because he had not fought for quite some time.