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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Online Work & Income

The global recession has affected many of us.  Lack of jobs, capital and business opportunity make jobless people suffer more.  The internet and doing things online has helped me and my family to keep up with our daily needs.  We do online work and the income that we make is not really bad at all.

In the first quarter of 2007, I quit my night shift job with an outsourced center because it was taking its toll on my health.  It was then I got more into doing online work.  I was contracted to do blog advertisements and it paid well, considering our Asian country with lower costs for standard of living.  Earning online was good until the first quarter of 2008, then things started to slow down online towards the third quarter.  On that period, another outsourced company called me for employment.  It was a timely thing to happen.  The same type of job I had previously and paid a lot better.  Everything was alright until I decided to leave the company again due worsening work conditions by the middle of January 2010.

There were fallback options so I knew it would not hurt my family very much.  My eldest son, was doing online work for almost year at that time.  So, I decided to join in there with him and not long after, followed by my youngest son who still goes to first year college.  It was amazing how my sons and I were able to pick up good work load online.  With the online work we are doing right now, we are pretty occupied with a lot of them.  Should you want to know more about it please click here or on the links showing on this article.
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