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Monday, May 3, 2010

Post - Mayweather-Mosley Fight Analysis

It was just very obvious.  Mosley able to smile after losing his title to Mayweather?  Awwww - common!  Every champion couldn't smile after losing it!!!  Mosley's smile was even more prominent when Mayweather was asked about a fight with Pacquiao!  Not only that!  He almost floored Mayweather on the second round and going into the 3rd round he did not even show any effort to go for the 'kill'!

The possible scripted fight was easy to negotiate.  Mosley did not lose yet by KO - Mayweather has not lost any fight yet.  It could have been scripted this way:  Mosley was given a 'go-for-it' in the first two rounds to get rid of Mayweather.  That would be the first loss Floyd was going to risk!  If Shane would not be able to do it, he would no longer go for a win, and, Mayweather will not defeat him with a KO!  Fair exchange huh?

They both were in for the money!  Was there any 'black-eye' or bloodied face?  None!  Both of them 
looked like 'clean-shaven' and fresh after the fight!  Commentators were saying Mosley was spent and heavily breathing through his mouth. Nonsense!  If that were true, he should have slumped in his corner and bitter like a downed warrior!  But no!  Nothing of that!  Mosley was quick to get up and stand beside Mayweather during the interview, smiling like a crocodile!  It was relieving that the interviewer was sort of 'sarcastic' when he asked about a possible Pacquiao-Mayweather bout!  I believe the interviewer had an inkling of what happened.  Mayweather took some time before being able to answer the interviewer!  Near him, Mosley, grinning like Muttley - the dog, of Wacky Races!

Simple as it is, they could not accept that the best boxer in different weight categories is a  Filipino.  Pound for pound!  Mayweather claims wanting to 'play-on-equal-grounds'!  He might be the one on 'upper(s)' playing ground, that's why he has not lost a fight!  Manny Pacquiao has lost fights and that's normal, but he prevailed!
Now, Floyd Mayweather Jr., are you going to hide behind that skirt of drug testing?  You should be the one who should be tested because you either scripted all your fights, or, used something 'to keep you up' when your opponents were playing on equal grounds!!!

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