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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Answers to some job Interview Questions

Q:  What motivates you to work?
A:  It's the work that motivates me.

Q:  Can you work under pressure?
A:  I am always under pressure when I work but I don't feel it.  I 
      can not work under undue pressure because that is where  
      mistakes and failures come from.

Q:  Are you a team player?
A:  Yes, as long as the team is established.  There's no team    
      when there is no bond existing among the the members.

Q:  How long do you intend to stay with us?
A:  As long as I see on my end that there is fair treatment and 
      the company recognizes and appreciates the work I do.

Q:  Are you willing to work on extended hours?
A:  With pay, yes. Voluntarily - not more than 15 minutes.

      Q:  Why?
      A:  With pay - who would not want extra money?  
             Voluntarily that's the most I can give as the company
             will deduct an hours pay if I am late for 15 minutes,
             even with a valid reason.  I can only give in return what 
             the company is willing to give - fair and square.

Food for Thought

Time is something we spend that we do not know if we earned it. If ever we earned it, how much more is there left for us to spend.  FaceBook

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Don’t be complicated to make life simpler

Life is complicated enough so don’t make it more complicated. It is actually depending on our wants and demands that makes life more complicated. Many would not settle for what is regularly available and many more would not settle for what is most available. For wanting what is more than the best available, then we can call that luxury, right? When you have specifications not available on the market then that could be termed as luxury or out of the ordinary. Check it out at consumer advice centre on what you would want that is or not available. Remember that whims could only be available in specialty shops or with specialized manufacturers. Another, don’t be too ambitious on something you want that you can not afford. It’s okay to break your heart but not breaking bank vaults – lol!

Should you have the urge for demanding the best but you can not afford it, start seeing a shrink or psychiatrist. You might have some childhood dreams or ambitions that are not applicable to your current situation. Make sure that you have some consumer advice contact to make sure that your problem is nothing psychological. When you’re safe from of any mind disorder, you can make your life simpler. It is a lot easier to deal with simple things you know you can achieve. Being too demanding or wanting more than what you can afford can drive you crazy. That’s really simple, right? There is nothing that could be more satisfying than realizing what you really can get. Not knowing one self’s capacity is dangerous. It can either make you by mere luck or ruin you totally because of ignorance. Life is simple – keep it as it is.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A country very concerned with consumer protection

Third world countries are far behind first world countries that practically have the best facilities to produce high quality goods.  In the fields of science and electronics first world countries are way advanced.  One of the countries with one of the most advanced technologies the United Kingdom (UK).  The advanced technology they have for manufacturing is geared more for consumer satisfaction and protection in the UK.  This is the reason why they have the consumer advice bureaus. Not only in Belfast is this true but in several cities within the UK.  The good for the consumer is for the good of the country that tells good governance.  In many third world countries, manufacturing industries do business that corrupt government officials.  This is especially true when it comes to pharmaceutical products.  Many of their DFA could not control this.

Talking about Ireland, there is the north and south of it.  Naturally the north is part of the UK while Southern Ireland is independent.  Anyway, they should not be far from each other when it comes to consumer protection.  Ireland will have its own consumer advice bureau.  They would not want the UK having something for protection of consumers and they would not have one of their own.  It is practical even for neighboring countries where people could go to another that would offer benefits for their people.  This is one thing difficult with countries isolated from others.  The people who can afford it can go to a better country while those who can’t afford it just stay on.  The same goes true for third world countries surround by countries like them.  This seems to be the case in many South African third world countries.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Connecting monitors and speakers to a desktop

Computers need devices to be connected to it to function the way we want. For internet it should be internet ready and needs to be connected to a modem of an ISP. The computer's Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the main hardware where software is installed to fully function. It is there where the monitor is connected but you have an option to also for the power source. You will need to know how to connect the computer to HDTV as  your PC or laptop monitor. Many are now opting to use HDTV because of its larger screen and compatibility with computers. It also gives the convenience of being able to watch TV shows on it. That is an option that a regular computer LCD monitor could not offer outright.

In connecting devices to a CPU, make sure that you have the correct cables matching the ports available. Some might require adapters. For regular connections the CPU could have the round ports, rhombic shaped ports and rectangular ports for monitors, printers, keyboards and mouse. On how to connect speakers to a laptop, it is still the usual small male plug to color matching female ports to the laptop. It will be the same for desktops. New model keyboards and mouse could now be plugged through USB ports instead of serial. USB ports and plugs have standard small rectangular shapes that always match. They are universal as what the “U” stands for and any peripheral device plugged to those ports should work properly. It is important that you take care in properly inserting the plugs to the ports. Do not force-plug if it will not go smoothly. Pins could easily break and wrong connections could create trouble for your computer.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shopping for LCD for my desktop computer

Replacing an electronic device gives me some problems when it comes to brand, price and length of service.  I have learned my lesson with a previous CRT monitor for my desktop that did not last more than 2 years.  The brand was in demand and the price was quite close to better known ones.  If CRT televisions last for 10 years or more, the same should be for PC CRT monitors!  The CRT monitor I currently use and soon to replace is a used one I bought from a friend for one-fourth the price of a new one.  So, I am also considering buying a used LCD for a lesser price compared to a brand new one which I might regret again.  At the same time I would like to know how to connect a laptop to HDTV in case I opt for an HDTV.  It is just really a matter of cost if it will not be a big difference, especially for used units.

The other reason I am considering HDTV is because we have a notebook that only has a 10 inch screen.  The question is how to connect our notebook to HDTV?  All the notebook has are USB ports and one regular port for a printer.  The technical people of computer dealers are not very reliable.  I have visited several of them regarding connection for my desktop and notebook so both would automatically share files.  It was just amazing that all of them have different advice and cables suggested to be used.  Gauging from how they gave instructions, they are not really familiar on processes between two computers. All they know is good only for one computer and transfer of files through USB, CD/DVD and uploading and downloading online.