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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hire online with Online Contract

The past two weeks has been very frustrating to get an online contract to write articles.  The inadequacy of many online employers, those who hire online, is simply disgusting.  One that I applied for was specific to hire one from our country.  He chose me as the right candidate, after about 30 minutes chat on Skype.  The job was quite complicated because it will involve first a series of researches before writing articles.  But, the problem is the research is not even related to the articles!

After several exchanges of emails, with attachments, with him, he could not differentiate how to do the searches he wants to be done on the online contract!  On the last email he sent, attached was a screen shot of what he wanted.  It was actually simple.  All he had to differentiate it from was typing the word "intitle:" as against the other!  I declined the job because I did not want to work with someone who could not give instructions the right way.  Immediately after I declined the job, he sent an email that he wanted me specifically for the job and insisted on me taking it.  So, after thinking things over, I agreed to the hire online.  Anyway, who am I to refuse?

As a professional, I accepted the online contract and directed to me at the market place.  From then on, I waited for the task he was going to assign.  Usually, I cancel contracts not responded to, within a weeks time.  A week passed and still nothing from him.  On the 10th day, still no email or message from him.  So, I sent him a message, at the market place, that he wasted 100 hours of my time and asked him to cancel the contract.  For 10 miserable days I have allocated 10 hours each day just for that.  I hope that market places for hire online people will be stricter with employers who tie-up unpaid hours on an online contract.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Free iPads

The iPad has been released.  With the launching of iPad, there is a way to get one without necessarily purchasing it., operated by a former vice-president of, will be the site that will offer iPad for free.  Of course they will not just simply be giving the free iPads away.  Points will need to be earned in playing games in the web site.  To do so, one will need to register at the web site to be able to log in.  There will also be questions to be answered entitling participants to earn points.  It is said that it is quite easy to earn and accumulate points and redeem them for the free iPad.

Points earned in playing the games at will be somewhere 20 to 50 points.  As an example, 250 points will be needed for a Nintendo.  Additional points can be earned inviting others to join.

So for those who are used to playing games online, it will be quite easy to get that iPad for free!  It will be great to be doing something enjoyed online and have the opportunity to get an iPad for it.  Most of the time, the idea of giving these new gadgets for free during launch, is to test the market.  There are people hesitant to purchase new electronic products and they wait for feedbacks from first owners.  The best way to have first owners of the iPad is to give it away for free. To join, you will have to be invited by someone who is already a member.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yahoo answers to questions

When searching online, the results often show those coming from Yahoo answers especially if the search is in the form of a question.  I’ve been on and off at this Yahoo forum to give answers that I know would help. But looking over some answers to questions, some are just nonsense or with intentions to make fun of it.  It is obvious those people can’t do anything better or simply dumb!  Well-meaning people give sensible answers.  There are also those who are doubtful of their own answers!

There was a time I raised a question why some people are not stung or bitten by mosquitoes.  I raised the question at Yahoo answers because in our entire married life, my wife was never even bothered by mosquitoes.  To cut it short, only one made an answer and it was quite a dumb one.  The answer suggested that my wife could have been putting on an insect or mosquito repellant! Would I not know that? Some people who make answers to questions probably lack logic or common sense.

I waited for a month to get a sensible answer but there was none.  It came to my mind that there was really no one that goes to Yahoo Answers with good general knowledge.  My general knowledge is also not that good so I only put answers to those that I specialize in like cars, marketing and management.  Anyway going back to my question there was no any answer after the first.  I learned about the answer accidentally while watching a television documentary why some people are not stung by mosquitoes.  Many answers to questions can be learned watching television especially Discovery Channel.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gold and what all it is worth for

It used to be that gold was the basis of a nations' economy.  A nation that would have more gold reserves would be considered as having better wealth.  Having more gold reserves means a country is in pink financial health!  That's the reason conquering countries, during wars, try to get all the gold from a country they reign supreme. Yes, I think it's better to use the word wealth here instead of economy in referring to the stature of a country when it comes to economy.  The reserves are in gold bullion that has a specific weight, shape and purity.

My father and older brother were mining and metallurgical engineers respectively, but they never told us how the gold they mined was refined, smelted and delivered to wherever it ended. With that alone, we are made aware on how valuable gold really is!  As far as I have been aware of, it is delivered to the Central Bank or Government Bank where they melt the gold and shape them to bullion with corresponding codes or serial numbers, whatever.  There is no way to directly buy gold bullion from the mines that produced them!

As of late, the city we are in is no longer a center for gold mines.  Well, most of the mines that surrounded our city were primarily copper mines and gold was only a by-product.  This means that there was, or is, more copper produced than gold!  The City of Baguio was a product of copper and gold mines around it.  A city or locality's wealth is based on its produce.  Simply said, our city thrived from these mining firms and was virtually made from gold.

Gold has an intrinsic value that means it will never go out of 'style' or demand.  From its use as jewelry to electronics, it will stay and forever be there.  Compared to diamond, I believe gold has more use and should be more valuable in the long run.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook Applications can tell something about you

Facebook applications can tell much about you.  When you play FarmVille, Cafe World, Mafia Wars, FrontierVille and others that require waiting time, it can tell about the users patience or eagerness.  Patience shows when you plant those that takes a day or more to grow.  Eagerness comes out when you plant those that can be harvested in the shortest possible time less than 1 day!  Quick harvest can result to 'addiction' on the game, or, getting tired of easily when you lack the time to go online.

Balanced users, those that plant both quick and long time harvest, know when they have the time for it.  Facebook applications can help employers to see the 'attitude' of an employee or an applicant when they are on the game applications.  Friends would also be able to find how long 'that friend' could be patient!  It would also show on how long a user accepts a friend invitation or a gift.

There is a lot to be learned from Facebook about users who are your friends.  For most, you will be able to know their likes and dislikes and how they express their emotions.  Some people say Facebook applications are kids’ stuff.  Well, if they don't know how to look into it - that's the reason they are not at Facebook.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Modern Snipers TV Documentary

In the earliest times of snipers, they go solo or alone to do the job compared to modern snipers.  They were on their own to conceal themselves and avoid detection.  After that, when the capacity of the sniper guns became better in covering distance and having better accuracy, snipers needed a partner to spot their targets.  The partner, I think called spotter or scout, has the job of locating targets, measuring distance and wind velocity.  This is crucial for the sniper to hit the target with just one shot.  Missing the target could compromise their location. Snipers with partners are what have been shown on movies and other documentaries.  It is not clear if the missions for a target involved two or more sniper teams.

The modern snipers are now a team composed of four to six members.  The rationale is for the snipers to have more logistics, like food and ammunition, when assigned to a mission. Their training includes observing and mapping the target area.  They also have to identify high-value targets especially when in a populated area. Keen observation of the snipers’ team is essential to minimize casualties in the process and this includes preventing casualties on their side.  Another asset of the snipers’ team is to be able to blend to any type of surroundings they will be in.

Several modern snipers teams are assigned to a single target.  They are to coordinate with each other on their moves.  If necessary, there will be teams to penetrate the target area while other teams remain in the perimeters to monitor movements and security.  Their mission ends only after accomplishing what needs to be done and they are able to return.