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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stress Management Exercises helps anger issues

Stress management exercises are one thing.  But, do you really know how it creeps slowly into your subconscious when you are at your most vulnerable? It just suddenly slams you from the back of your head!  Anger issues with stress might come out as a result!

Small things like annoyances, irritations and dislikes are causes of stress to those who low tolerance for them.  These could easily be managed by merely ignoring them or staying away from them.  Conditions that may have long-term causes for stress are financial woes, work and family.  Ways to work around them are possible and can be managed on a day-to-day basis.  In short, they are problems that you could have some good control of.  However, the causes of stress that are beyond your control are those created by unexpected events or by other people!

Having no control of the what is causing the it would be difficult to do stress management exercise.  It may come and go but when you are caught unaware it slams back hard.  Yes, you tried to manage it and took it in stride.  The biggest problem is when it slowly creeps into your subconscious.  If there are a good number of them slowly creeping and you are not aware of it, it becomes bottled-up then just explodes like a volcano.  Anger issues with stress are difficult to handle much more manage!

To help avoid unload subconscious review those stress causing issues.  Be conscious about them to relieve the back of your mind.  It is just like anger that you keep bottled-up inside you.  If there is a way for you to lighten up anger within you - do the same way for stress. 

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Impacts of Global Warming on Al Gore’s "The Inconvenient Truth"

The inconvenient truth message of former Vice-President Al Gore is about impacts of global warming.  The small increments in temperature say that it has a catastrophic significance to the world.  Having watched the video documentary it really seemed to have the said effects on the world as a whole.  The melting of the ice at the North Pole and increased levels of the oceans was quite pronounced.  The problem is with the huge slice of ice, acres of it, purportedly to be slipping into the ocean.  It was depicted that underneath it was water that slowly moves it into the ocean!  Wow!  That would be a great river, a lot larger than the Amazon River moving that entire  island of ice!  Now tell me, is that realistic or just plain imagination?

The impacts of global warming can attributed partially to having mined almost all the oil from earth. Oil makes continents and other moving parts of the world move with fluidity.  No friction – therefore no heat.  Volcanoes are erupting and earthquakes have become more violent because there is lack of oil within earth to lubricate their movement.  That is the reason why nature had its way of ‘producing’ oil from ancient animals and plants! Now with the excessive use of fossil fuel, the earth is experiencing abnormal warming!  The questions that should be posed right now are:  How warm or how cool do we want to the Earth to be?  On the other hand, how would nature or the Earth would want it to be?

Let us leave what needs to be done by nature itself.  There is no quick solution to this.  Yes, we think of our childrens' future.  The entire people of the world can not take care of it in the next 10 or 20 years!  Leave nature to do what is best!  It did the dinosaurs – without that we would not even be here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Computer package for Internet satisfaction

Hardware needed for internet satisfaction is a complete set of possibly the latest computer package.  The basic ones are CPU, monitor, wifi, keyboard, mouse, CD/DVD reader, and an AVR.  Internet connection from a reliable internet service provider should provide good speed of at least 380 kbps.  The distance of the cable DSL should not be too far from the source.  Excessively long cables result to poor internet speed. Dial-up connections are not used much now because of the very slow speed.  Areas without DSL service but have telephone lines still use the dial-up connection. Wireless broadband internet connection will be alright for father distances but connection might not be consistent for internet satisfaction.  Many users on a cell site will have some connection problems from time to time. I still have to see cell sites that would have dedicated signal for internet users.

Software is a program needed to operate a good computer package the same way it is needed for the internet. For software operating systems, internet browsers used depends on compatibility.  There should be ideal compatibility with the operating system and internet browsers.  A user friendly internet browser makes navigation easy.  There are systems that do not allow PDF (Portable Document Format).  The PDF was started by Adobe to help compress content to be downloaded.  Adobe online is free to install and comes with other features like Flash Player needed in viewing in many web sites.  Internet browsers, operating systems and PDF are software that need to be installed.  Other software needed for internet satisfaction are anti-virus and anti-spyware.  These software protect the computer from computer virus and spyware.  That completes the equipment you need for the internet.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Web sites help Businesses

The advances in web hosting have gone far beyond our imagination.  Having worked for a well known web hosting company for almost 2 years from 2005 to 2007, I thought that it would take time before significant improvement can be made by others.  Technical know how and training in that company was virtually at a snails’ pace then!  Their main problem was outdated server equipment that were costly to maintain.  They could not simply change over to newer equipment.

Currently web site hosting businesses have top of the line server equipment.  With that they can even offer lower monthly subscriptions with a variety of plans to choose from.  The type of plan should have features of a business would need like purchasing and making payment online.  One of the best, if not the best web hosting company also offers managed hosting that would save a business from worries. 100% uptime is guaranteed and with full redundancy!  That’s a first for me to hear of redundancy with web hosting!

Well, being not completely updated and as a non-technical person, the colocation services of that web hosting company is also new to me.  This is one of the new systems said to be more cost effective and safer for businesses.  It has automatic power back system that assures continuous power supply.  It is becoming to be more popular for internet service because of advanced features such as less latency and faster internet speed.  For businesses, that would be the kind of web site hosting that will provide the ideal service.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Watch movies online

People have their own reasons why they enjoy the movies they watch.  Romantics like to watch romance or sentimental movies.  There are a lot of people that watch movies online these days.  I love watching war movies, espionage and detective movies not because of the killings but the strategies they use to win.  It also gives a lesson on decision making.  The movies give an insight of what to consider in times of war. The matter of getting out alive and winning gives the excitement.

World War II movies have depicted war events that wars can be won by strategy.  It does not necessarily mean that might and power guarantees a win.  Germany did not succeed in conquering Britain that had only around 600 planes against their more than 2,000 planes!  You can watch movies online about this.  Japan was showing all its might in Asia but they were defenseless when the atomic bombs were dropped on them. Another good example is the Vietnam War.  With the all the might and power of the U.S. they were not able to defeat the North Vietnamese. 

On other war movies and true to life raids or rescues, those that Israel got into were won by strategy.  The raid at Entebbe is for real and I believe two movies were made about it.  It was a very good raid and rescue by Israel that there were no casualties on the rescued hostages.  There was only one casualty in the raiding team and the irony of it all, it was the leader of the raiding team.  I was able to watch movies online about it, I could not exactly recall how the officer perished.