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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Car Insurance

In protection of life and property, insurance is one of the best ways to make sure your life  and investments are secured for a certain amount.  The cost of premium is negligible when considering how much insurance could save compared to purchasing an equivalent, like an automobile.  Automobile insurance is tops when it comes to making a car secure.  A car is exposed to many hazards and risks especially when used every day.  From minor accidents to total loss, insurance defrays a considerable amount of money for repairs and third party liabilities.

Comprehensive car insurance also includes what is called “own damage” which means that an accidental car damage by the owner is covered.  In this case, there is no third party involved in the accident.  Having this type of automotive insurance coverage comes as a big relief when fortuitous events happen and beyond anyone’s control.

For third party liabilities such as passengers and pedestrians, insurance provided is like personal accident insurance.  On some occasions, accidents happen to pedestrians even when a driver is  not at fault or was not negligent.  Though the amount covering per person is limited, whatever the insured is entitled to claim for the victims will be of big help in hospitalization costs or even burial costs in case of death.  Read More . . .

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